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Audi Matrix LED headlamps

Audi is a pioneer in lighting technology. They are most notably known for their proliferate use of LED technology on their vehicles, which has become a signature of the brand. This has sent other automakers scrambling to catch up. To see Audi’s latest LED-equipped vehicles, head to your Audi of Tucson dealer.

Audi is further innovating lighting technology by the introduction of its new headlamps called Matrix LED.

Set to be released on the upcoming, and refreshed, 2015 Audi A8, and sadly won’t be available stateside, Audi’s Matrix LED headlamps take adaptive headlights to a whole new level. What makes these new LED headlamps so remarkable is their ability to adjust to oncoming vehicles as to not blind the other drivers. They won’t be available on U.S. Audis because Federal laws prohibits active headlamps.

These headlamps take high-beam control away from the driver and give it to GPS sensors and cameras. What it allows is manipulation of the 50 LEDs, 25 in each individual headlamp, so that they can maintain maximum brightness for driver awareness without interfering with oncoming traffic. Like most technology that finds its way into the majority of Audis lineup, bringing the Matrix LED headlamps here will take some political persuasion.

The technology works by dimming or shutting off individual diodes. This preserves the bright illumination in the remaining zones.The Audi Matrix LED headlamps also features navigation-based cornering lights that help turn the headlamp beam so the driver can see around the corner better. While other systems on vehicles work by aiming the whole headlamp away from oncoming traffic or physically covering sections of the beam, Audi’s unique system works by controlling each individual diode, which gives the vehicle greater control over the beam. This, in turn, provides increased sight during nighttime driving.

With cars and technology advancing at an astonishing rate, Audi’s Matrix LED headlamps will make it to the American market soon, and many drivers will enjoy the new, innovative feature. To see the current lineup of Audi vehicles, check out an Audi in Tucson AZ.



At this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, Audi unveiled a technological marvel celebrating the 30th anniversary of the original Audi Sport quattro and its all-wheel-drive system that propelled Audi to their current pinnacle in German sports car greatness. While the technologies pioneered by the original Sport quattro can be seen in today’s Audis at your local Audi of Tucson dealer, the Sport quattro concept shows where Audi plans on heading with their future products.

Adorned with the styling that crosses an Audi R8 with an A5, the Audi Sport quattro concept has the looks that coincide with the technology it has under the hood. The original Sport quattro helped Audi make a name for their all-wheel-drive technology that is now an Audi standard. The Sport quattro concept unveiled in Frankfurt may appear to be a docile Audi, but in reality, the magic is in the powertrain beneath the hood.

Powering the Sport quattro concept is a 700-horsepower hybrid powertrain. Audi pairs a 560-horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque 4.0-liter V-8 engine with an electric motor that supplies the remaining 150-horsepower. The top speed is limited to 190 mph and the standard 0-to-62 mph run comes in just 3.7 seconds.

While the Sport quattro concept has the power of a supercar, the real technological wonder lays it in its combination fuel-saving technology and power thanks to its hybrid setup. Cylinder deactivation and an engine stop-start system both aid in saving fuel. These two technologies already appear on today’s Audis and their appearance on the concept only reiterates their importance to future Audi products. The addition of the electric motor allows the Sport quattro concept to drive up to 31 miles using only the electric motor.

While the Audi Sport quattro concept will likely never make it into production as it stands, the technologies will continue to see their way into production vehicles. The idea of a hybrid powertrain that combines fuel efficiency and power will most likely slowly trickle across the Audi lineup as stricter fuel standards are put in place around the world.

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