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Audi MMI

It’s no secret that automotive technology is becoming more and more competitive year after year, and Audi is increasing its lead in infotainment technology even further with their MMI system. With a high-capacity hard disk, a DVD drive and fast processors, it is much more versatile and its performance is higher than ever before. What is MMI? The Audi Multi Media Interface (MMI) system is an in-car user interface media system developed by Audi and available in new Audi inventory. It consists of a single integrated interface, which controls a variety of devices and functions of the car.

The central element of the MMI terminal is the control dial. This dial can be rotated, to navigate up and down through menus, and pressed to activate a selected highlighted function. Starting with MMI  system an integrated joystick in the main control dial can be used to for example navigate the map. Depending on the MMI generation and configuration, four to eight function buttons surround the control dial which are used to launch the various features. The MMI screen is available as a 5-inch monochrome black & red or 7-inch 16:9 full color display, depending on the variation of MMI fitted in the car.

On the big screen, the stage is set the innovative way that maps are presented when the navigation system is in use. The driver can choose between the conventional two-dimensional view and the new 3D images. These feature a birds-eye perspective of the map area, with plenty of carefully presented detail. As in an atlas, the various heights above sea level are shown in different colors, and the most important buildings in large cities appear in three dimensions.

Audi set new standards in the entertainment area as well.  It has an integral drive for video DVDs; the new joystick function on the control knob is especially practical for this. When played back with the optional sound systems, DVD soundtracks can be heard in Dolby Digital 5.1 multi-channel sound and other frequently used formats. For safety reasons, the picture is only displayed to the driver when the car is standing still. The system also plays music from CDs and SD cards, including those coded MP3, AAC and WMA. Additional technical modules have made the MMI even more attractive.

The telephone is also more convenient to use with the new MMI. Using a Bluetooth chip, the system can fully integrate divers’ cell phones that support the SIM access profile. The MMI phone is ready for action as soon as the ignition key is inserted. It reads data from the SIM card and the memory into the car’s own memory, and then shuts the cell phone down completely. Telephone operation via the car’s antenna is the key to optimal reception quality. A digital voice processor ensures the best hands-free quality; voice outputs are through the car’s sound system.

These are only a few key features of Audi’s Multi Media Interface. For a full list of specifications, visit Chapman Audi of Tucson.