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Audi Auto Android     CARPLY9870

Distracted driving is a dangerous problem that is only being exasperated by the modern technology and proliferation of smartphones, touchscreens and intricate infotainment systems like those found on the 2014 Audi A7 at Audi of Tucson.

Laws have been enacted across the country to stem the usage of phones and distracting devices in cars, with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration considering the implementation of standards for automakers about what infotainment systems can and cannot do.

In an effort to limit smartphone usage in cars and create some sort of infotainment standard in the automotive arena, both Apple and Google’s Android are entering the automotive infotainment business. It has been long since desired that phone manufactures take the helm of in-car entertainment. The proprietary systems many automakers use are clunky and, at times, dated and archaic.

Apple and Google are on the leading edge of smartphone and mobile technology, so it only makes sense that these two companies move to where smartphones are…into the car.

Many customers have wanted a system that mirrors the smartphone’s screen right onto the dash of the car, and it looks like those customers are finally getting some reward for their efforts.

Android Auto will be available later this year, as Google has partnered with 40 vehicle manufacturers from around the world. Android Auto isn’t software directly in the car, but an interface that allows users plug their Android-powered phone into the car. According to Google, the Android Auto experience is all voice enabled, although you can also use the steering-wheel-mounted controls and touchscreen.

Android Auto’s biggest advantage is Google Maps, a feature that allows drivers to inquire about a businesses’ operating hours and then say “navigate there” to set a destination.

Apple CarPlay takes a similar route by using Siri as the go between for controlling the car. Plugging an iPhone directly into the car allows the system to be mirrored on the dashboard. Voice- and steering-wheel-mounted controls are available. Honda, Hyundai and Volvo will also offer Apple’s CarPlay system in future cars, and consumers can expect both infotainment systems to be in models offered at your Tucson Audi dealer by the end of this year.