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Audi isn’t often put in the position of playing catch up to other manufacturers these days, but when Mercedes launched their S-Class last year there really was a sense that they were going to take over the luxury market and hold on to it for a while. Instead, Audi introduced the 2015 Audi S8 and it’s absolutely stunning. When looking for an Audi, a buyer should head to Audi Of Tucson as it’s possible to find the most up-to-date Audi’s available.

The first thing that drivers will notice is the twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 borrowed from the S6 and S7. It was nice enough in those models, but it has found a really great home here in the S8 where the force-induction V8 can get up to 520 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque, which is a gain of 100 hp and 75 lb-ft over the S7. That is some incredible power for a luxury vehicle. Combine that with the all-wheel drive “Quattro” system and you are going from zero to sixty in 3.9 seconds in a 4,685-pound sedan. This new version will likely fly off the lot, but luckily, you can get your hands on the new 2015 Audi S8 with ease at Audi of Tucson.

As much as it is a heavy sedan, though, it’s also lighter than the Mercedes by about a hundred pounds and drives like even more. This is a smooth ride that feels like it’s just happening beneath you rather than dragging along the ground. At no point during acceleration on a straight away does it lose power, assisted by the eight speed Tiptronic automatic transmission that can barely be felt even when you’re trying.

Despite the power inherent in this car, it is also remarkably quiet. You can barely hear the acceleration even as it’s pushing you back in your seat and the cabin really does a great job of dampening the outside noises. There are plenty of power junkies who will be upset at this lack of audible confirmation of their movement, but they’re missing the point. This is a luxury car that is designed to shut out the outside world and create an experience of decadence.

Audi does this further with the design of the interior, which is filled with some of the softest, most well-crafted materials available on the market. Everything there feels like it was designed purely for your comfort. Not the comfort of the driver, but you specifically. And that’s the feeling that Audi is going for: that it’s all about you.

The exterior design isn’t much changed in a number of ways except for the front end. Audi eschews its usual sleek front for a more boxy look. It’s more modern and fitting with a recent trend. Further, the all LED lights are a good idea, and combined with a large grill and snub nose , the car looks mean and ready to prowl the streets.

Aesthetics aside, this is still an amazing automobile and likely to be a game-changer. It provides all the power that a driver could want without having to be flashy about it. Instead, it just assumes that power is a part of the luxury that people want to have. And even better, the folks over at Mercedes now have to watch their backs.

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Audi has always wanted to seem like it’s ahead of the pack in everything that it does, and in recent years they have done a great job of making that claim a reality. The technology coming out of the company has been absolutely breathtaking in many respects, and sometimes unexpected. For example, there were plenty of people who considered it foolish of the company to buy a part of Ducati in order to try and adapt their three cylinder motorcycle engines into a fuel efficient automobile engine, but as of the last Paris Auto Show they were revealing their new concept car based on the technology. If you are in the hunt for a new car, you should head to Audi Of Tucson  as you can find what you are looking for.

But today, the concept car that has really gotten people’s attention is the RS7. Nicknamed “Bobby,” it is not only a driverless car, but it managed to top out at 140 miles per hour on a German race track. Moreover, it then was able to park and stop within a centimeter of its intended target.

This is huge for Audi, which has been trying to make a functional driverless car work for years now. Most likely they are hoping that it will be the latest feature in luxury automotives, the ability to basically have an electronic chauffeur that can be overridden at any time. It melds both convenience and control, both of which are highly attractive features to their target demographic. If you like and prefer luxury, you should check out new Audi inventory as you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Part of how the system works is that it employs a series of sensors, cameras, and highly accurate GPS in order to create not only a full picture of current road conditions, but also an accurate map of where to go and what will be the best ways. No word yet on if the driverless system would be able to adjust for traffic or accidents without active input from the user, but even if it can’t that’s still quite a feat.

“Bobby” was one of two test cars, the other being “A.J.” (named after famed four time Indy 500 winner A.J. Foyt), and was a driverless system mounted inside of a 560 horsepower sport sedan with twin turbocharged V8 engines. Suffice it to say, the average car with this system will probably never reach more than a bit over half of that speed, but this was a test designed to push the system to its limits and it succeeded admirably.

“A.J.” didn’t get a chance to drive that day, but Audi will likely use this other car in future tests to see how much further they can push the system.

Part of the reason for the high speed test was to simulate extreme driving conditions that are best inspected in controlled situations while traveling very fast. More than just being able to move at those speeds, this test also showed the RS7 as being able to choose the best path, make turns without skidding, and stay on the track despite there being a more direct route that it can take by cutting the corners even closer. More than just to show off the new technology, this was about safety.

Board member in charge of technical improvement Ulrich Hackenberg had this to say before the test, “We have to be able to manage extreme situations and that’s what we are demonstrating here.” High speed maneuvering is fairly common in road emergencies, so the ability to react at that speed is key to safety with these sorts of systems.

Audi hasn’t announced when they plan to do tests under more realistic road conditions, but the way that they have been pushing their technology onto the market it probably won’t be long before a commercial version is available.