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UnknownAudi has started the production of their third-generation TT Roadster at its plant, which is located in Hungary. The Roadster was revealed at the Paris Auto Show, and is expected to become available in showrooms as early as spring 2015. The TT Roadster is going to become the 4th model to have been built at this plant (the others were the TT coupe and the A3 sedan). Fortunately, the production for these new generation Audi TT Roadsters have already begun. After a meeting and ceremony between the Hungarian prime minster, Viktor Orban, and Audi CEO, Rupert Stadler, Orban had this to say:

Today Audi would be hard to imagine without Hungary and the reverse is also true, Hungary is unimaginable without Audi. In the past years not only a factory complex was born here. Audi plays an important role in Hungary and the life of the Hungarian people; it’s part of life here. It gives work directly to more than 11,000 people and through its suppliers it gives secure living for 20,000 families.”

Audi has produced more than 100,000 vehicles since 2013 at this particular plant. The models produced here include the TT coupe, A3 Cabriolet, A3 limousine, and finally, the TT Roadster. The new Roadster is gaining a lot of recognition for its wide range of functions and visual appeal. Whether you want a TT Roadster in the future or another Audi now, you can head to Audi of Tucson and find what you are looking for.

Why Were These Series of Events A Good Thing?

The production of the TT Roadster in Hungary is actually a good sign. Why? It’s because this production facility happens to be one of the only ones located outside of Germany in the past 20 years. This is considered an excellent achievement for the factory, which is quite young (opened in June of 2013). In the 17 months since the facility was established, it is produced more than 100,000 vehicles. It has also provided more than 10,000 jobs. There’s no doubt that the launch of the TT Roadster is going to create even more jobs, as well as extend those positions that are currently being held.

Remember that it is always important to pay homage to the actual labor going on behind the scenes, and thanking all of those people involved. So, what can drivers expect from the Roadster? Well for one, it offers a 230-horsepower engine that can really fly. More specifically, this vehicle can go from 0 to 60 MPH in as little as 4.9 seconds! It has a top speed of 155 MPH, which is something that drivers from all over are really going to appreciate.

In short, this vehicle is going to raise the standards for all vehicles in regards to suspension, powertrain, and design. One highlight to note about the TT Roadster is its virtual cockpit. The vehicle’s digital display is going to replace old, analog instruments for the first time. Despite not being released to the public quite yet, the TT Roadster is already being recognized as a supreme vehicle that is taking the world by storm.

imagesIt seems that as of late, electric-powered vehicles are becoming more and more a part of everyday society. If you’ve ever felt this way, then you’re right – electric vehicles are a thriving industry, and Audi has already made plans to provide better range on their electric vehicle lineup. As most consumers already know, one of the primary issues associated with electric-powered vehicles is that they lack range. But the consumers still purchase them anyway. This is one of the main reasons why Audi has taken it upon them to fix this problem.

They are not only trying to lower the overall costs associated with these vehicles, but they’re also trying to mass-produce them. Many electric-powered cars today cost upwards of $23,000, but have the ability to only travel a little more than 60 miles on a single charge (some more and some less). Not to mention, charging these vehicles can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. Tesla has already done an amazing job at revolutionizing this industry by providing electric-powered vehicles that can travel up to 300 miles on a single charge. Visit Audi of Tucson to learn more about the future of their electric vehicle lineup.

The primary difference is that they can easily cost more than $100,000, so the issue of mass production and distribution is still there. In order to make these types of vehicles readily available for everyone, Audi wants to lower their cost as well as allow them to travel further than ever before. According to a report from Reuters, the company is going to provide a larger electric vehicle selection, and they’re already working on the blueprints for ensuring that they meet their goal of extended range.

Most people have already heard of the all-electric Audi R8 E-Tron, but not a lot of people know what Audi has up their sleeves in regards to all-electric sedans and SUVs. The production of these will be sure to surprise us all. For now, Audi is doing a good job at keeping the details for these vehicles a secret. Fortunately, they have released small bits of information that can serve as clues for what they are really doing. For example, we know that Audi is pushing their R8 E-Tron more than ever before. This is probably because they’ve finally solved the issues associated with battery power and weight. Check out Audi of Tucson to check out the best and latest new Audi inventory.

Other reports have indicated that the company is planning on launching an electric vehicle that can travel more than 250 miles on a single charge. Some are skeptical, but Audi is confident in their ability to meet this goal. The timing of this movement makes people wonder whether Audi is going to dip their hands into the opening of patents performed by Telsa. Regardless of why they’re doing it, most drivers are happy about the move. More electric vehicles on the road are not only going to help the environment, but it’s also going to help consumers pay far less in commuting costs. It will be exciting to see what Audi has up their sleeve.