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Lamborghini Boss Takes Over Reigns at Quattro

“Motor Authority,” a leading industry website that reports on automotive news, says that Stephan Winkelmann, the former CEO of Lamborghini, is taking over Audi’s independent Quattro division. That’s good news for fans of the automaker, who have been hoping the company would provide some serious competition for the motorsport arms of both BMW and Mercedes-Benz. “With his experience from more than 11 years in charge of Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann will be a key contributor to the further growth of Quattro,” according to Rupert Stadler, Audi CEO. “Winklemann’s experience will contribute to the growth of the sporty subsidiary in Neckarsulm (home to Quattro).” Audi already has the R8 and RS supercars, which you can see with a trip to Audi of Tucscon.

Look for Information Sharing Between Lambo and Audi

With Winkelmann’s ties to the supercar manufacturer, you can expect Audi to benefit from sharing information with Lamborghini, especially on how they utilize carbon fiber to create a lightweight car. “Motor Authority” also predicts that consumers in the United States will finally see more of the premium racing models of the Audi brand, something that has been withheld for European markets. One other expected change is the introduction of the Audi Sport brand to replace the name Quattro, which is also the moniker for the company’s all-wheel drive system.

R8 Lays Strong Foundation for Future Racing Machines

The Audi R8, featured as the favorite car of Iron Man creator Tony Stark in the Marvel movies, provides a strong base for Winkelmann to build the company’s racing brand. This supercar uses a chassis and engine derived directly from the racing tracks of Europe to deliver a maximum of 610 horsepower. Built solely for speed and handling, the R8 utilizes the Quattro all-wheel drive system to give drivers confidence to attack the tightest corners at high speed. Drivers of the R8 don’t simply manage the road, they own it with a machine that goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds to a top track speed of more than 200 mph.

Interior Design Built With Mind of a Racer

Step into the cockpit of the R8 and you find a well-considered layout that puts diagnostics, displays and controls all in an ergonomic layout that keeps the driving experience in mind. The Audi Virtual Cockpit is in line-of-sight with the road, ensuring drivers can keep their eyes focused while receiving vital vehicle information. Control mounted steering wheels surrounded with grippable leather help you maintain authority when conditions get hairy. View the entire Audi inventory and see where technology is headed by taking a trip to Audi of Tucson.

2016 Sport

In-depth Look at the 2016 Audi A8L 4.0T Sport

Advancement through technology. That’s the manta that drives Audi to take automotive technology to ever greater heights. The German automaker has done just that with the release of the 2016 Audi A8L 4.0T Sport. The use of more sharply creased sheetmetal improves the vehicle’s aerodynamics. A new platform makes it lighter and sturdier. Its crisper dynamics helps to improve performance. And the groundbreaking technology found throughout enhances the driving experience for driver and passengers. That’s why for many consumers it’s either Audi or nothing at all. To see any of the great vehicles offered by Audi, come down to Audi of Tucson. If you do, you are bound to find Audi inventory to your liking.

The 2016 Audi A8L 4.0 Sport is now the largest full-sized luxury sedan in the Audi fleet. The vehicle is built on a long wheelbase and is available with a 6, 8, or 12 cylinder engine. The 4.0T is the only version of the Audi A8 that offers an 8 cylinder engine. Plus all the 2016 models of the 4.0T are given the new ‘Sport’ designation. They are all more aggressive looking both front and rear and their V-8, twin-turbo engine now delivers an astounding 450 horsepower. That an increase of 15 horsepower over Audi’s previous models.

The Audi A8l 4.0T has always been a superfast automobile. The previous model was able to go from zero to 60 in an incredible 3.9 seconds. It also smoked the quarter mile in a blistering 12.4 seconds. That’s faster than the BMW 7-series sedan equipped with an 8 cylinder engine which needed 4,4 seconds to get to 60 miles per hour. Now Audi has added even more power to the 2016 A8L. This allows it to easily match the numbers of the previous model, leave the BMW choking on its dust, and even compete with the Chevy Corvette when it comes to acceleration.

The passengers in the 2016 Audi A8L 4.0T Sport are surrounded in luxury. The rear seats are not only cooled and warmed, they have massage functions as well. Plus the engine and cabin are so quiet, they won’t even realize the car is travelling so fast. The comfortable, ergonomically designed interior looks and feel great whether you go with the standard glossy wood garnishes or upgrade to the classier matte wood. Plus there’s the superb Audi MMI control interface with its traditional graphics, and all the safety features occupants need.

The exterior of the new A8L with its upgraded Sport trim has tasteful use of chrome, clean, purposeful lines, and a subtle approach to style. It’s a study in understated elegance at a time when many other cars seem to scream for attention. What really sets the new A8L 4.0T Sport apart is its agility, responsiveness, and precision handling. Plus the car’s well-controlled body motion makes cruising down a curvy road, easing into a parking space, and cornering smoother, easier, and more exhilarating than many expect from a vehicle its size.

If you want a stylish, roomy, sweet handling luxury sedan with all the technology and creature comforts you need, the 2016 Audi A8L 4.0T Sport may be the ideal car for you.

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Sleek Sedan Boasts Class-leading Horsepower

As a luxury sedan, the 2017 Audi A4 impresses with its distinctive lines, roomy interior and comfortable ride. Sit behind the wheel and the A4 really begins to stand out, with a 2.0L engine that delivers 252 horsepower and aggressive 273 pound feet of torque. When paired with the 7-speed dual clutch transmission, the power train delivers a dynamic driving experience most often reserved for cars with two fewer doors. Choose from front wheel drive or Audi’s patented Quattro all-wheel drive system for the ultimate in control. You can test drive the A4 for yourself at Audi of Tucson.

Drive Select Lets You Pick Your Aggression

Whether you’re out for a leisurely Sunday drive or want to attack some curves with a vengeance, the 2017 Audi A4 has a driver select mode that lets you pick your poison. Choose “comfort” for a cloud-like ride that smooths out the bumps and lets you relax while listening to a concert-quality sound system. Click the dial up a notch to “auto” and you still get a comfortable ride, but you’ll notice you feel a little bit more of the road at your fingertips. “Dynamic” dials in the suspension and throttle response even more, reducing drift and body roll as you attack corners. The “Individual” mode takes away a lot of the automatic functions and puts you in full charge of this sophisticated driving machine.

Interior Comfort Not Lacking

From the ambient LED lighting system to the high quality trim and materials used throughout, the interior of the new A4 is built for comfort and functionality. The three-zone climate control system works with the innovative wrap-around dash to create natural air flow throughout the cabin. Audi engineers have improved both head and legroom to provide more comfortable seating with all leather surfaces. A power sunroof that slides open bathes the cockpit in natural light.

Audi Technology Delivers Modern Connectivity

Swing by Audi of Tucson and see how the Multi Media Interface system on the new A4 provides the ultimate in audio, phone and navigation services. The MMI search function operates similar to an Internet search engine, helping you to find exactly what you’re looking for at a moment’s notice. The 3D Bang & Olufsen sound system features 19 speakers and 755 watts of power, enveloping the driver and passengers in concert quality sound. The Audi connect system offers a suite of services including emergency response, stolen vehicle locator and roadside assistance.

2017 A4

Audi has kicked off the ad campaign for its new 2017 A4. Using the theme ‘Intelligence is the new Rock and Roll’ the German automaker is showing just how their innovative new automobile is creating excitement and starting a revolution in what a car can do and how much fun both drivers and passengers can have with it. And the technical advances in the 2017 Audi A4 is far more advanced than anything on the road today. Just like Rock & Roll ushered in a new era in music, so to is Audi making its mark in the automotive industry and consumers are embracing it like never before.

Consumers purchasing the new A4 are doing more than just rebelling against the status quo. They are on the leading edge of an automotive wave that is ushering in more driver assistance technology than has ever been seen before. The 2017 A4 with all its groundbreaking innovations is featured in a new 60 second commercial the Ingolstadt based company calls ‘Rock and Roll’. The commercial stars a smarter, better, cooler A4 that has turned brainiacs and techies into cult followers of a vehicle which features space-age technology. To get a feel for the tech in the A4, check one out of Audi of Tucson. There is so much to love, you are sure to not be dissapointed.

Incredible new technology and the people that create it are dominating modern life and the A4 has all the latest technological gadgetry and wizardry. The car’s latest high-tech gizmos do everything but drive itself, even though it will do that shortly. In the mean time, Audi is using its commercials and marketing might to showcase all the things 2017 Audi A4 can do. Without a doubt Audi has created one of the most intelligent cars on the road today with its technology, efficiency, and performance. It could in fact lead to a sea change in automotive culture much like the hippy generation and their Rock and Roll transformed the world.

The commercials tout the 2017 A4s virtual cockpit, self-parking, and pilotless semi-autonomous driving capabilities. The ads also feature all the other innovations Audi has engineered into the new A4. The automaker even used the ads to poke a little fun at BMW and Mercedes showing them up as last century’s automotive leaders. The technology displayed in Audis Rock & Roll marketing push includes various manifestations of wireless connectivity and technology which augments the driving skills of the least or most experienced drivers. You almost don’t need to know how to drive to handle the A4. But if you can, rock on.

Driving the digital way Audi is promoting with the A4 is indeed Rock and Roll-like compared to what other vehicles are offering. The 2017 A4 is featuring technology other companies are just beginning to do research on. The 2017 Audi A4 has an entirely different rhythm to the automobiles that have gone before. Describing it as Rock and Roll is apt. Anyone that has experienced it will never look at automobiles the same way again. And anyone that sees it in action wants to try it. This is more than a car. It’s a lifestyle.

Audi A4

In the not too distant future self-driving car may be the norm. With the new A4, Audi is giving you a glimpse of that technology today. The new Audi features a virtual cockpit, on-board wifi, wireless charging of smartphones, and a whole host of safety, and driver assistance options. While some wonder about the automobile’s future, Audi is busy building it using vision and cutting-edge technology. The new Audi A4 with all options shows the motoring public what’s possible.

The Audi A4 is chock full of wireless systems designed to enhance the driving experience for both driver and passengers. It all begins with the silence. The new Audi A4 employs a variety of sound dampening technologies to hush the noisy world when you get on board. Even the lines and mirrors help with noise suppression. The new A4 is also 120 kilograms lighter due to the use of improved materials and technologies. This makes it more agile, faster, more responsive, and just better automobile with superior driving metrics. To see how the A4 performs in the real world, test drive one at Audi of Tucson.

The engine and drivetrain of the new Audi A4 reflect the technological advances the company has made as well. Buyers can choose from among 6 different turbocharged performance engines that incorporate direct injection to create a thrilling experience every time you step on the gas. The 185 kW, 2.0 TFSI Quattro can go from zero to 100 km/h in under six seconds. The exceptionally efficient 140 kW, 2.0 TFSI consumes less petrol than any car in its class. A miniscule 5.3 liters for every 100 kilometers traveled.

Its safety and driver assistance technology puts the new Audi A4 in a class by itself. It has pedestrian detection combined with autonomous emergency braking, turn, side, and park assist, rear cross-traffic alert, exit warning, traffic jam assistant, and even a predictive efficiency assistant option for those wanting to get the most out of their vehicle. The A4’s Matrix LED headlights mimics daylight for sharper, clearer illumination at night. It adaptive technology combines conventional high and low beams, and uses information from the MMI navigation, cameras, and sensors to provide enhanced visibility without blinding out drivers.

The infotainment system on this automobile is phenomenal. It starts with the amazing 19 speaker Bang and Olufsen 3D Sound system. Its surround sound configuration and high-quality speakers provides sharp studio quality sound and immerses you in the intricacies of the music for an unparalleled listening experience. Add a smartphone interface that links seamlessly to the infotainment system offers full phone functionality and access to apps via the multifunction steering wheel, MMI controls, and voice commands. Staying connected has never been easier.

The Audi A4s spacious sophisticated interior blends luxurious, supportive, and comfortable leather appointed seats, contemporary, ambient lighting, with more headroom and legroom for passengers in the front and back. The exterior design with its sculpted surfaces, sharpened lines, 3D hexagonal singleframe grille, and up to 19 inch tall lightweight cast aluminum wheels, signal this is the latest evolution of technologically advanced automotive engineering and precision styling.


JD Power Says Audi Top Performer

The 2016 JD Power Customer Service Index has named Audi the best in all automotive brands when it comes to taking care of consumers. This is the first year Audi has topped the survey, although it has ranked in the top three for the past three years. “This is a milestone for the Audi brand in the U.S. and one that we’ve been actively striving for,” according to Audi vice president Peter Donnellan. “Achieving the top spot is a testament to the dedication of our dealers and their efforts to always improve and excel in customer service. Audi will continue to focus on the owner experience and ensure that every touch point is executed in a way that’s relevant and meaningful to today’s consumer.” Experience Audi’s outstanding customer service by taking a trip to Audi of Tucson and examining the new Audi inventory.

Multiple Improvements Lead to Top Score

JD Powers survey shows that Audi made significant improvements in varied customer service categories, including Vehicle Pick-up, Service Initiation, Service Quality and Service Advisor. Maintenance was up 15 points from the previous year, while Repair was up 5 points. Audi Service Advisors were scored the most helpful in the business. The JD Powers Customer Service Index provides automakers with an independent review of how customers feel about their dealership during the first three years of service. The study also takes into consideration other aspects of service, including any variance in satisfaction between repair and maintenance customers. The JD Powers study is considered the benchmark in the auto industry for calculating customer satisfaction.

Audi on Demand New Way to Satisfy Customers

If you want to drive a luxury high-performance vehicle, such as an Audi, but don’t want to commit to a purchase or lease, Audi on Demand gives you the ability to choose any vehicle in the Audi lineup, from the R8 supercar to the A4 sedan. You simply download the Audi on Demand app from iTunes or Google app store and then select the model you want to drive. It will be delivered to the location you designate by a concierge, who will then familiarize you with all the features of the vehicle. It is the ultimate car rental experience, providing you with a dynamic car to drive for you next trip to the coast or run to the mountain. Right now Audi on Demand is only available in San Francisco, but is expected to roll out to other major cities in the near future. If you’re unsure which model you’d like to drive, stop by Audi of Tucson and check out the entire lineup of these magnificent driving machines.

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S8 Plus Develops 605 Horsepower

If you’ve been considering an Audi S8 sports sedan but just couldn’t see yourself settling for 520 horsepower, there’s now an alternative especially for you. Audi’s S8 Plus comes with a boosted V8 that delivers 605 horses and a spirit-lifting 553 foot-pounds of torque. Audi says the S8 Plus will complete the 0-60 mph run in just 3.7 seconds on its way to a speed-limited top mark of 155 mph. Add the Dynamic package and you get a higher top end of 190 mph, along with sport exhaust, ceramic brakes, front splitter and rear spoiler. See the new S8 Plus and take a test drive at Audi of Tucson.

Quattro All-wheel Drive Keeps You in Control

As you might imagine, 605 horses are sometimes hard to keep under control. Audi’s legendary Quattro all-wheel drive system automatically delivers power to the wheels that need it most, helping you keep the rubber on the road. A rear differential that employs torque-vectoring technology reduces rear wheel spin, adding to both your sense of control and driving safety. Audi drive select lets you choose between a comfortable, quiet ride and a hair-raising romp on a closed circuit track. Settings for Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Individual let you choose the driving experience based on your mood and road condition.

Design Provides Feel of Quiet Sophistication

Looking at the Audi S8 Plus, one gets the feel of a luxury sports sedan that is at home whether ferrying passengers to a night at the opera or attacking a European road course. The elegant lines, 21-inch sport wheels and black optic accents provide a look of sophistication that carries on into the well-appointed interior. There’s plenty of Audi technology to behold in the cockpit, including the virtual dashboard, heads up display and large infotainment/navigation screen. Steering wheel controls and an ergonomically laid out cockpit put everything a driver needs just a finger’s reach away. A black Valcona leather interior with quilted seats and contrasting piping make this one car that’s impossible to resist.

Abundant Features Provide Premium Driving Fun

The Audi S8 Plus comes loaded with technology and features that not only make driving fun, but keep all passengers as safe as possible out on the open road. Four-zone climate control lets everyone travel in comfort, while a power tilt and telescoping steering wheel ensures all drivers a perfectly aligned position. A sunroof, dual pane glass and power side and rear sunshades all add to the enjoyment, while ambient LED lighting sets a mood for those nights out on the town. Safety features include dual-stage airbags, side airbags and head curtain air bags. Anti-lock brakes come with collision brake assist, while electronic stability control helps keep you on the road when things go bad. Test drive the new S8 Plus at Audi of Tucson.