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The 2016 Audi A3 is in the crossover segment, which is showing no signs of slowing down, and nearly all automakers are posting some of the best month-over-month numbers. While true, if you think that crossover fans have a lot of options if they want a small and upscale option, you would be wrong.

With a quick glance, it may be hard to tell the difference between a Q3 and a Q5, which is larger and more popular. But, this was Audi’s intention, and with the Q3, you get the advantage of the handsome design setup of the larger and more expensive Q5. Inside, drivers are treated to a comfortable and refined ride with standard leather and soft touch materials. Passengers in the front have a comfortable place to sit as there is an abundance of legroom and cabin space for people of all sizes. Coupled with 12-way power-adjustable front seats that are leather-trimmed, and heated, drivers and passengers alike will be in paradise. While it is a comfortable experience for front seat passengers, people in the back who are tall may not fair so well, though for the average person, it is not a tight ride, and four people can fit in this crossover with ease.

If you are hunting for a large SUV that you can stuff plenty of people and things in, the Audi Q3 may not be for you. With 16.7 cubic feet of storage space behind the rear seats, you aren’t going to want to use this to move. But, it actually compares favorably to the competition, and there is enough space for people who want to do day-to-day errands. Furthermore, the rear seats are easy to fold, and you can get 48.2 cubic feet of storage space, which is enough for five large suitcases. Again, while there are better workhorses that can carry a lot of cargo, the Audi Q3 is a great in-between choice that does it all. To see how a Q3 can fit into your driving routine, take one for a spin at Audi of Tucson.

If you want technology, you will love the Q3. Things like standard dual-zone climate control, 10-speaker stereo and a satellite radio make the Q3 more enjoyable on the road. If you spring for the $2,600 Technology Package, you will get Audi’s MMI navigation system with Google Street View and Google Earth, which makes navigation a breeze. Also thrown in is a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that allows you to connect up to eight devices. All in all, if you spring for the technology package, which you should, you are going to love this crossover.

With a turbocharged 2.0 liter 4-cylinder motor, drivers enjoy a peppy engine that delivers 200 horses and 207 lb.-ft. of torque. While quick, it is not best in class, though with fuel economy of 20 MPG in the city and 28 on the highway, it is a great compromise. The 2016 Audi Q3 is fun to drive, safe, comfortable and full of luxury, and if you are looking for a small crossover, you have found it.

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New Generation Sporty, Athletic and Elegant

Although it won’t be available in the United States this year, Audi fans can look forward to possibly next year when the automaker will make the Audi A5 and S5 coupe available at dealerships such as Audi of Tucson. The new version of the popular two-door car shows a clear relationship to the first generation vehicle that was launched in 2007. The new A5 and S5 offer a much more modern look that is honed to create an athletic and elegant machine that’s perfectly balanced. From the long hood and three-dimensional shoulder line to new LED lighting and dynamic turn signals, the new A5 and S5 Coupes create a stunning statement when sitting still or challenging the nation’s speed laws.

New Engines Have More Power

Although it’s still undecided what engines the American version of these cars will have, the new Audi A5 Coupe is going to have five engine choices in Europe including two gasoline and three diesel configurations. The engines range in horsepower from 190 to 286, which is about a 17 percent increase over the current model. The Audi S5 will come with a turbo V6 that delivers a sporty 354 horsepower, or 21 more horses than the current model.

New A5 Roomier Than Ever

Due to a longer wheelbase and some clever use of layout and design, the interior of the A5 Coupe is now roomier than ever. A redesigned dash, instrument panel and HVAC venting system have freed up room in the front to create an impressive sense of space. As you might expect, the interior consists of high quality materials assembled with unparalleled craftsmanship. A wide range of colors and choice of ambient lighting lets you set the mood, whether you’re out for a night on the town, a long vacation or just your daily commute. A special consideration was given to the “acoustic comfort” of the driver and passengers. Special noise deadening materials and a smart layout keep the outside noise on the outside while enhancing the quality of the superb sound system.

MMI Navigation System Includes Internet Connection

Audi’s Multi-media Information system with navigation automatically includes a connection to the LTE Internet network, keeping the driver and passengers connected while on the road. The network not only keeps you in the loop with friends and the goings-on in the world, but also offers services that can bring first responders in a hurry if you are ever in need. Stay in touch with Audi of Tucson to seen when the new A5 and S5 Coupes will be making their way to the showroom floor.

Audi A4

Audi makes safe cars, and it is apparent whether you read reviews or see any accidents where every Audi passenger walks away safely. For many, this is important as car buyers are demanding safer and safer cars. Audi is on top of things, and the popular A4 earned high safety scores all across the board.

The 2017 Audi A4 was redesigned, and it is better than ever. In 2016, it did not fare so well in the stringent overlap front test, which is conducted by the Institute For Highway Safety. But, times have changed quickly, and the 2017 Audi A4 earned the Institute for Highway Safety’s highest award – Top Safety Pick Plus. The A4’s small overlap front rating of good, the highest possible, is a 180 degree turnaround from the previous rating in 2016, where it received a poor rating, which is the lowest possible rating. There was also far less intrusion into the model’s driver’s space when compared with the 2016 model structure. This means that the risk of injuries is lower in the new model.

Overall, the A4’s results are amazing across the board in the five tests which included:

head restraints
moderate overlap front
roof strength
small overlap front

All A4 models received a Top Safety Pick Plus rating. Furthermore, the car’s forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, which is a standard, earned a superior rating. With this superior rating, the car earned the coveted Plus rating. This standard option helps detect both moving and stationary vehicles, as well as animals and pedestrians, and at speeds of up to 52 miles per hour, it can initiate braking when a potential crash is detected by the system. If you want to test out an Audi A4 and see how it works for you, and you can do so at Audi of Tucson.

Going forward, the safety of Audi’s should only improve as the company is committed to providing safe and secure vehicles to all Audi drivers. With top safety picks across the board, whether you are looking at the 2017 Audi A4 or any other vehicles, you are not going to have to worry about you or your family.

For starters, the airbag technology on every Audi is advanced as the vehicle takes a host of information into consideration, such as occupant detection and even thorax side airbags, which helps minimize the intensity of traumatic accidents. It doesn’t stop at that either. No, Audi goes way further as the company has adaptive cruise control, active lane assist and Audi pre-sense®, which helps inform the driver of his or her surroundings. With this setup, not only are the chances of accidents minimized, but if you are in an accident, you are much more likely to walk away with little to no injuries. Finally, while it seems like the available Audi Quattro all-wheel drive is just for having fun and taking it off-road, it also helps one avoid accidents and improve performance.
If you think Audi is all about luxury and fun, you have to think again. While they are fun to drive and offer a luxurious experience, Audi, including the 2017 Audi A4, offers a safe driving experience for you and your family.

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Compact Models Now Offer Relief

Starting this month, the Audi TT, Q3, A3 and A1 all have a new filtering system that neutralizes most pollen and dust that causes allergies. There are two versions of the filter available. One uses a biological element named polyphenols that combat allergens by attaching to their receptors. The other modifies the protein structure of allergens to reduce their affect on those suffering from hay fever and other reactions. If you’re suffering from allergies, head to Audi of Tucson and see how these remarkable new filters can alleviate your suffering.

Independent Testing Confirms Effectiveness

Two independent laboratories have confirmed the effectiveness of this new filtering system against allergies. While helping people with their suffering is the main intent of the new system, the use of two special layers of filtering also improves the air quality of the cabin. Special microfibers are layered to remove tiny particulates from the outside air, while the carbon layer traps foul-smelling gases. The result is a new industry standard in cabin filtration.

Older Cars Have Retrofit Option

Visit the parts and service department at Audi of Tucson and you can have any of the models listed retrofitted to the new filtration system. The new filtering system will also be part of the Q2 when it launches later this year. The Q2 is Audi’s entrance into the compact SUV market, designed to compete with offerings from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. Targeted at a younger demographic, the Q2 is expected to have a couple of engine choices, including a 1.4L, 148 horsepower 4-cylinder turbo motor that deactivates two cylinders at cruising speed for greater fuel efficiency. A 190-horsepower turbo is another option that will come only with the all-wheel drive model.

Stay in Touch With Dealership

By taking your vehicle to Audi of Tucson for regularly scheduled maintenance, you’ll stay on top of new, exciting technology like the allergen-relief air filtering system. In the rare event of any recall notices, your service advisor will take care of them for you to make sure your vehicle remains the premium driving machine you bought off the lot. A prepaid scheduled maintenance plan ensures your car is taken car of and will offer many years of service. Go to the Audi of Tucson website and you can schedule your service online, get valuable savings through service coupons, and see what great new vehicles are available on the lot.


The Audi A6 is essential to the being of Audi. This flagship executive car is beloved by all, whether we are talking about sports car enthusiasts, businessmen or even people who just need to commute in comfort and style. The Audi A7 is a midsize luxury car that is also another flagship for Audi. While these are two amazing vehicles that offer a lot, if Audi wants to stay on top of the competition, and it sure does, the company will have to add more design and tech. For this reason, you should be excited about the 2018 A6 and A7 as they will both have more design and tech.

Both versions, intelligently, will draw from the design from recent concept cars as they will feature a new user interface, which will be similar to the one in the upcoming Audi A8. While there are no specifics at this time, anyone buying one should expect more gadgets, an improved and refined cockpit, and the latest technology. Like the 2018 Audi A8, the next A6 and A7 versions will be based on Audi’s modular-longitudinal MLB Evo architecture. With this platform, the car can either be front or four-wheel drive. With a host of telematics and assistance systems, the A6 and A7 will be safer and more fun to drive than ever. In the United States, drivers will have the choice between sedan and hatchback, which should offer plenty of storage and a comfortable setup. To see how fun it is to drive one, head on down to Audi of Tucson.

Without a doubt, if you are interested in any Audi, you want horsepower and lots of it. The base A6 will offer a 2.0-liter, as well as a turbocharged V-6 option. On the A7, the turbocharged V-6 is standard equipment. Down the road, buyers will have the option to get hybrid, plug-in hybrids and diesel engines in their A6 and A7s. Either way, with the high-powered turbocharged V-6, Audi buyers will not regret a thing. Depending on the engine option, drivers should enjoy a 0-60 time of around 5 seconds, which makes it easy, and fun, to merge on the freeway.

What should draw anyone to Audi, and specifically the Audi A6 or Audi A7, is the amount of standard equipment that you get. With the Premium Plus model, which is the standard model, buyers get automatic LED headlights, a power liftgate, heated washer nozzles, Bluetooth connectivity and audio streaming, rain-sensing wipers, keyless entry and start, a rear-view camera and parking sensors. This is only the beginning, and there are plenty of other options that make your Acura that much better.

While the 2018 Audi A6 and A7 are not right around the corner, if you are looking for the ultimate car, you can’t go wrong with either model. There have been many upgrades throughout the years, and you can bet on it that the 2018 versions are going to grow on that. If you want to test drive a current A6 or A7, you should check one out and get a real-world feel for these great vehicles.