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Group of Audi Cars

With more than 950,000 units delivered, Audi increased its sales by 5.6 percent, since January, and it grew in all regions. The car manufacturer enjoyed strong growth, especially in the European market. In fact, sales in the European market increased an impressive 8.4 percent, since the beginning of 2016. For the first time in the history of Audi, the company sold more than 450,000 units in Europe. The new models such as Audi A4 and the Audi Q7 full size SUV have helped sales greatly; worldwide the Audi Q7 full size SUV has enjoyed an increase of over 73 percent in sales, worldwide.

In June, deliveries worldwide enjoyed a robust 7.4 percent increase as sales hit 169,000 units. Like most other auto manufacturers right now, Audi has persisting challenges in key markets. With slow economic growth and uncertainty in most of the major markets, it is a wonder that Audi enjoyed such a successful month and is having a great year. Things are only looking better for Audi, and if the company can execute, there is no reason to believe that it won’t continue shattering sales goals. That doesn’t mean that there are not plenty of great Audi’s to check out now, and you can see that for yourself at Audi of Tucson.

To get where it wants to go, obviously Audi will need to lean hard on its flagship vehicles . The A8, for example, is only going to get better, any this is one of the main reasons why Audi is killing it right now. However, in the upcoming months, the company plans to strengthen its portfolio with new concepts such as the SQ7 TDI, Q7 e-tron and A6L e-tron. Not only that, Audi has new technology that it is working on such as autonomous vehicles, which will revolutionize the industry and boost sales. Already successful models are going to enjoy some changes, including the A5 and A3, which is likely to boost sales and gain more happy customers for the company.

With the plummet of gas prices, Audi has experienced something that other manufacturers are also experiencing. Nearly every other unit sold in the United States, so far this year, has been an SUV. For this reason, the Audi Q3, Q5 and Q7 enjoyed brisk sales as buyers truly love the crossovers that they are being offered. While not as big of a market, Canada enjoyed a huge jump of 16 percent as the company sold 15,614 units. This is no surprise as anyone who has been to Canada knows that an SUV is a well-used vehicle, especially in the winter months as people appreciate the all-wheel drive Quattro.

As mentioned, the technologies offered by Audi are top-notch, and this is one of the reasons why it is enjoying robust sales. While the autonomous car is not here today, there are other tech items that make the driver more comfortable such as heated seats, power everything and a great stereo. This certainly helps people make up their minds to buy an Audi, and if you are ever looking for one, you will love how much technology Audi has.

Audi is enjoying a great year all around the world, and it should only get better as the company is never shy about making great changes that benefit us all.

Audi Test

The self-driving car is coming sooner rather than later. Companies all around the world are working on autonomous vehicles, and Audi is on top of its game. To test the car and concept, Audi is working in Germany, and the company is using the Autobahn, which is no day in the park. With the A7 concept car, named Jack, the automaker hopes to have the perfect autonomous vehicle ready in a few short years.

The car gives trucks a wider berth, when passing, and it easily edges in the direction of the lane marking, well before signaling. It is in an attempt to mimic real-world driving situations by human drivers. On the test run, Jack didn’t get aggressive or angry at drivers, which is a frequent problem on the speed-limit-free stretches of the Autobahn, where cars regularly fly down the road at around 125 miles per hour. Removing this risk makes everyone safer as high-speed car accidents are obviously the worst kind of ones to be in. While true, Audi certainly builds cars with enough power to get to such high speeds, and you can test drive an Audi at Audi of Tucson. Though, they won’t let you take it up to 125 miles per hour!

The car is much more cooperative than human drivers, especially when it came time to let other drivers merge. The test car decides whether to slow down or accelerate, depending on the traffic situation. Making self-driving cars act more like human drivers is one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face in the quest to introduce self-driving cars that can easily handle a wide variance of driving situations, including most day-to-day situations and other rare situations.

It will certainly be a thing to see vehicles without drivers. A lot of people have fears and trepidation when it comes to autonomous vehicles, but those fears are largely unfounded. When looking at the statistics, by any way one would measure them, it is much more dangerous to have a human behind the wheel. Not only do humans get tired, drunk and frustrated, but they also push the limits and don’t know when to take a step back. Of course, while there are challenges, it is just a matter of time before you start seeing them on the freeway. Federal, state, county and city governments all over the United States will certainly have to develop new laws and a framework for it all, but states like Nevada and California are already anticipating the big boom.

The benefits to autonomous vehicles should be obvious. For starters, they will be much safer. People who are fatigued or otherwise a danger will not wreak havoc on the road. And, they will also be more efficient as humans have proven that they are not good at conserving gas in a stop-and-go environment.
Audi, like always, is at the forefront of autonomous vehicle tech. While true, don’t expect to rush out and buy one next year as they may not be ready for another five to ten years, depending on the advancement of the technology.