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Auto industry experts waited with baited breath at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show to finally get a look at Audi’s newly developed production version of it e-tron SUV. The e-tron is the badge Audi is using for its soon-to-be-released line of electric vehicles. The company had debuted a prototype of the e-tron SUV when it unveiled the new Audi A6. But the gathered press were shocked and bemused when Audi didn’t unveil the e-tron SUV, but instead announced it had put 250 e-tron prototypes covered in camouflage on the streets of Geneva, Switzerland. While some have caught glimpses of the vehicles, no one is 100% sure what Audi’s electric SUV looks like. While the company is still working on prototypes, if you want to check out an Audi vehicle, head to Audi Of Tucson.

Audi, which had previously used the e-tron name on its plug-in hybrid A3, will force the automotive world to wait until August to officially unveil its new electric SUV with a 311-mile range. However, sharp-eyed automotive enthusiasts in the know already have a little inside scoop on the e-tron SUV test fleet released on Geneva’s streets covered in a conspicuously designed camouflage black and orange in color. The prototypes are powered by three electric motors which combine to produce 320 kW or approximately 429 horsepower. The trio of motors create an electronic version of the Quattro all-wheel drive system Audi developed.

A rechargeable battery pack powers the motors. The battery pack can be recharged in 30 minutes at fast-charging stations and gives the e-tron SUV enough power to travel about 311 miles. Over the next few months Audi is expected do public tests on the 250 e-tron SUV prototypes on four continents and cover more than 5 million miles before its big reveal of its production model later in the year. The vehicle will be tested in a variety of climates and terrain and use a several different charging standards in order to evaluate its real-world viability.

Audi will enjoy all the social media buzz that the attention-grabbing special e-tron camo covered vehicles will generate without divulging the new vehicle’s design details. The company has signaled that the actual production version of the e-tron SUV will be revealed at an event to be held in Brussels later in the year. At that time the company disclose precise details related to the e-tron SUV’s performance, specific range, packaging and pricing. Deliveries of the EV for the 2019 model year are expected to begin at dealerships around the country by the last quarter of 2018.

Sources described the e-tron SUV, Audi’s first purely electrically powered vehicle, as a sporty, premium SUV with a roomy interior, comfortable seating for five and lots of room for luggage similar to other Audi luxury-class vehicles. The e-tron SUV goes from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds, its top speed is 130 mph and it produces 590 pound-feet of torque. The vehicle has a large singleframe grille flanked on either side by slim headlights and can deliver a strong performance on a variety of terrain. The e-tron SUV is produced in a Brussels carbon-neutral plant.

The 2018 Audi TT RS is among the top German sports cars. This is the first year for the RS version of the Audi TT. It features a powerful DOHC 20-valve turbocharged inline-five, 2.5-liter 400 horsepower engine. The front fascia of the RS has large flared out intakes that allows for more airflow. It also has a purposeful wing and in the back there are large-caliber oval exhaust outlets. The all-wheel drive 2018 Audi TT RS delivers 354 pound-feet of torque, goes from zero-to-60 in an amazing 3.2 seconds and zooming along at 119 miles per hour, it flies through the quarter mile in 11.6 seconds. Plus, it looks cute as a button, but has the soul of a lion. By checking one out at Audi Of Tucson, you are sure to see how great the 2018 Audi TT really is.

The brand new Audi TT RS has a base price of $65,875 and a long list of exceptional options. Those options include the Dynamic Plus package which features carbon-ceramic front brake discs, as well as a stiffer Sport suspension. Its Technology package adds a navigation system and a premium Bang & Olufsen sound system. When buyers opt for the Black Optic package they get the menacing blacked out mirror caps and exterior trim. There’s also an exhaust system with black tips and a very loud button.

When it comes to interior styling, the 2018 Audi TT RS has one of the nicest sports-car interiors. Audi’s little coupe has black leather seats with red contrast stitching set around diamond-patterned perforations. Plus, it’s fastidiously detailed. The contour changes and line breaks have new materials and finishes setting them off. This provides a peek at the seating surface’s red underside. There are even red bands on the edges of the seatbelts in the RS’ Design package. Even the in-dash air vents are specially engineered. Audi incorporates all those things and the coupe still looks sleek, cool and powerful.

The 2018 Audi TT RS is 165 inches long, 72.1 inches wide and 52.9 inches in height, has a wheelbase of 98.6 inches and a curb weight of 3,255 pounds. This all-wheel drive vehicle has a smooth shifting 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission combined with the market’s only high-performance quintuple engine with immediate and monstrous thrust and a top speed of 174 miles per hour. The vehicle averages 22 mpg in city driving, 19 mpg on the highway and it rides on a Sport’s tuned suspension featuring perfectly balanced struts, coil springs as well as anti-roll bars that let’s drivers feel the road.

This sporty, good looking coupe is comfortable, ergonomically designed, has ample cargo space and lots of excellent features and amenities. Both its interior and exterior styling are impressive and the vehicle is fun to drive. With the 2018 Audi TT RS, the German automaker has an impressive car. One that’s a dramatic departure from previous iterations of the TT and it’s a great accomplishment. This vehicle is no prima donna. While it’s stylish and technologically advanced, it offers a combination of great looks, good feel and excellent performance few vehicles can match.