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Audi Brings Disney VR To back seat

Audi has begun to partner with Disney to create virtual reality entertainment for automobile passengers. That collaboration can transform every car ride into an adventure. Recently at the CES, the German automobile manufacturer was working with Disney Games and Interactive Experiences to demonstrate how virtual reality games can make riding in the back seat the most fun place to be, especially on long road trips. At CES passengers used virtual reality headsets to fire lasers at drones and asteroids and be guided around by Marvel’s Rocket Raccoon as they fly through space.

An Amazing Experience

With the virtual reality headset on the automobile becomes a rocket ship that matches every move the vehicle makes. If the vehicle turns or stops, so does the rocket ship. Iron Man flies along right next to the automobile. This experience is more than just grabbing a headset and watching a game. The VR system creates an alternate reality based in the real world. The car is transformed into a space ship. Currently the VR game is targeted to young children stuck in the back seat. However, it has potential for use with ride-hailing riders as well as the passengers in autonomous vehicles in the future.

A New Startup

A demo video was shown at the CES that had passengers getting points each time the vehicle came to a stop sign and pedestrians crossed in front of it. They were real pedestrians, but the AR/VR world transformed them into cute chicks. It takes gaming to a new level where it can be used to create immersive movies or relaxation experiences where people are floating in the clouds. Audi announced it created a new startup called Holoride as part of their investment in building a Disney-like in-car VR experience to use in their automobiles.

Developing A New Open Platform

Audi is developing an open platform in order to build more in-car VR games and experiences. Nils Wollny, future CEO of Holoride, explained the VR games transform the streets into a canvas. The company will launch in February and within 36 months they plan to make immersive VR movies, games and experiences available to passengers. Audi used an Oculus Rift headset in their new all-electric e-tron SUV to demonstrate an available-only-at-CES space game called Marvel Avengers: Rocket’s Rescue Run. Mike Goslin, Disney’s lead for advanced development explained that the game turns the car into your space ship.

Hours Of Backseat Fun

People get so immersed in their space adventures and other games, hours fly by with them thoroughly entertained. Representatives from Audi explain by matching the VR journey to the movements of the car, the experience is less likely to cause nausea. Instead, the backseat passenger simply eases under the headset, disconnects from the reality where the driver, other passengers and the rest of the world exists and is wrapped up in an exciting adventure. The down side is the driver will continue to miss all the fun and until the advent of those self-driving cars. If you want to see what Audi offers, check one out at Audi Of Tucson.

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