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A Look At The Audi Q8

The 2018 Audi Q8 is here and it is making automotive enthusiasts around the world sit up and take notice. The Q8 is modern, aggressive and packed with Audi’s latest technology like an enlarged virtual cockpit, three touch screens and a knob-less MMI system. Powered by either a V6, 3.0 liter twin-scroll turbo FSI or a V6 3.0 liter TDI engine paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, with a top speed of 155 mph and with a zero to 60 time of 8 seconds, this luxury SUV is very fast. It’s also the most beautiful SUV Audi has created in recent years, and if you head to Audi Of Tucson , you can check one out for yourself.

The exterior of the Q8 looks surprisingly sporty. It has a very aggressive front fascia and the front end’s redesigned Singleframe grille gives this crossover a unique almost menacing look. Audi employed LED technology in the Q8’s standard slim headlamps and also has available Matrix LEDs. Black trim underneath the lights make them seem larger, until the small LED strips light up and make that effect vanish. Q8 owners can even use the smartphone based myAudi app activate several lighting functions. The vehicle’s lower bumper with its huge side vents, muscular engine hood featuring a bulging center section, massive 22-inch wheels tucked under prominent wheel arches and 10-inch ground clearance give it an imposing stance.

The interior of the Audi Q8 has an impressive array of unique features including a knob-less MMI touch display system with two screens. A 10.1-inch unit located in the center stack, as well as a smaller, 8.6-inch screen situate above the center console. There’s a 12.3 inch fully digital instrument cluster that displays a navigation map and drivetrain data. The multi-function steering wheel offer two selectable views. There’s an optional third view lets the driver access a sportier display. More data is projected on the steering wheel through a heads-up display.

Large comfortable leather seats with a diamond-quilt pattern are standard on the 2018 Q8. Plus, buyers can choose optional customized contour seats with ventilation and massage functions. Audi also offers an optional air quality package and four-zone climate control. The vehicle also has convenience features like a Wi-Fi hotspot, LTE Advanced data transfer, a navigation system featuring intelligent suggestions, along with traffic and hazard information via Car-to-X services. The Audi Connect key is an option that lets you to lock, unlock and start the car using an Android smartphone.

With a wheelbase of almost 10 feet, the 2018 Audi Q8’s interior is very comfortable with ample legroom and headroom for even backseat passengers. Fold down the rear seats and the Q8 has 62 cubic feet of storage space. Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive system is standard on this crossover and the 2018 Q8 also benefits from Audi’s new mild hybrid technology. This SUV rides smoothly because of a suspension system which has standard damper control. Add the optional controlled damping air suspension and you can adjust the ride height by 3.5 inches for more ground clearance and a more comfortable off-road ride.

Review Of The 2018 Audi S4

The redesigned 2018 Audi S4 is a luxury sport sedan that’s well beyond the curve. This vehicle is powered by a turbocharged 354-hp TFSI® engine which allows it to go from 0 to 60 mph in a breathtaking 4.4 seconds. It comes with quattro® all-wheel drive standard, available sport differential, as well as a wide array of cutting-edge technologies that enables drivers to keep up to speed in several ways. With its sleek redesign featuring dynamic contours, full LED headlights and other premium sport details, front and rear fasciae, side sills, as well as a rear trunk spoiler, makes it draw attention.

The platinum Singleframe grille on the 2018 Audi S4 with its aluminum-optic double-blade bars and sculptural horizontal lines makes a distinctive statement about Audi design. The vehicle’s awesome power helps to prove it’s a luxury sport sedan that may be too much for the faint-hearted. Its newly tuned turbocharged V6, 3.0 TFSI engine produces an incredible 354 horsepower as well as 369 pound-feet of torque. Its also has a standard quattro® all-wheel drive system which is paired with an eight-speed Tiptronic® automatic transmission which can work in tandem with an optional sport adaptive damping suspension that helps to provide grip. Take one for a test drive at Audi Of Tucson.

The 2018 Audi S4 gives drivers greater confidence that they can handle any type of road condition by sending the wheel which has the most grip more power. Using its legendary quattro all-wheel drive in combination with its eight-speed Tiptronic® automatic transmission and its optional torque-vectoring sport differential enables the vehicle to offer brilliant handling even when cornering. Plus, the 2018 Audi S4 has incredible technology like Audi’s virtual cockpit, MMI navigation plus as well as a number of other optional sophisticated driver assistance systems that makes it miles beyond ordinary.

Test driving the new Audi S4 lets you experience and explore innovative technology like Audi’s available virtual cockpit. It has a 12.3 inch fully digital information cluster which provides navigation, infotainment, audio and phone compatibility. The virtual cockpit also offers information on the specific Sport modes of the S4 along with the optional Google Street View and Google Earth screens. It’s the perfect technology for the information age and Audi gives you the opportunity to have this dynamic, easy to use, communication system in your 2018 S4.

The S4 Premium Plus trim’s exterior has full LED headlights, daytime running lights, aluminum-optic front and rear trim, body-colored door sill blades, exterior side mirror housing and an integrated rear spoiler. Inside, there’s power 12-way front S sport seats, four-way power lumbar adjustment and a massage function for both the driver and front passenger. Plus, there’s a 19 speaker Bang & Olufsen® sound system featuring 3D sound and a 755 watt 16-channel amplifier. It also has Audi’s parking system plus with acoustic sensors in the front and rear along with a rear view camera.

The S4 Prestige trim everything on the Premium Plus along with MMI® navigation plus, virtual cockpit, MMI® touch featuring handwriting-recognition technology, head-up display and much more.

Audi, a perennial leader in innovative automotive technology, has done it again. The company is now the first automaker to replace the side mirrors on one of its automobiles with cameras. The German automaker has done so on its E-Tron electric crossover SUV that will go into production soon. The company recently displayed the new technology on one of its prototypes. The feature has been used on concept cars for decades, now Audi will be the first to take it to the streets. The optional cameras will be placed in little winglets where automakers usually put standard side mirrors.

Drivers no longer have to look outside the SUV to the right and left to see the vehicles beside it. All drivers have to do is glance at an additional screen that has been added to the instrument cluster to see the cars to its left. Audi has not yet made it clear where the driver can see images from the camera on the right-hand side. While both Cadillac and Nissan have used a camera to replace the rear-view mirror on some of their vehicles, Audi is the first company to produce a vehicle that eliminates the side view mirrors and replaces them with a camera. Audi offers a lot of great vehicles, and if you want to see any Audi, you can head to Audi of Tucson and take one for a spin.

While many people are happy to see this feature automobile manufacturers have long been teasing finally make it into a production vehicle, using the side view cameras while driving will require a period of adjustment for the drivers. In other vehicles which replaced mirrors with cameras, it soon became clear the driver has to get used to the angle of the camera on the side. Plus, the depth perception is different when looking through a camera as opposed to using a mirror. Still, replacing the side view mirrors with cameras gives the vehicle a cool, space age look.

Audi explained it is using side cameras rather than mirrors on the E-Tron EV to improve the aerodynamics on the crossover SUV. The company pointed out that the cameras improve drag. This can be important for increasing the range of the electric vehicle by a significant number of kilometers. Audi has also made a number of other tweaks in addition to the new side view cameras to make the E-Tron EV more aerodynamic. The vehicle comes with different types of grille shutters, the logo is etched into the rubber tires rather than being raised and the automobile can be lowered to reduce drag using standard adaptive air suspension.

Estimates done by Audi using the WLTP test cycle, show the new E-Tron EV traveling 248 miles on a single charge. EPA testing may yield slightly different numbers. Audi’s new electric SUV will begin being sold in Europe in late 2018 and is expected to hit the U.S. market sometime after that. Automotive News says some time this year the United States is expected to create vehicle regulations that apply to side mirrors and cameras. They may be similar to those adopted in Europe that allow for side cameras.

A Look At The Audi A5 Sportback

The 2018 Audi A5 Sportback is a unique combination of striking good looks, the practicality of a hatchback and the moves of a sports-sedan all in one sweet package. The A5 Sportback has sweeping lines similar to the A5 coupe, the A4 sedan’s cargo space and four-door layout, as well as the convenience of the rear liftgate of the Q5 SUV. Together they create a vehicle with Euro chic looks, an interior which features high-quality materials and a great-looking minimalist design, powered by a spirited four-cylinder turbocharged engine with nimble sports sedan handling that’s fun to drive. If you want to see how fun it is to drive a 2018 Audi A5 Sportback, head down to Audi Of Tucson.

With its centerfold looks, hatchback versatility and impressive performance, the 2018 Audi A5 Sportback combines playfulness and practicality with loads of driver engagement to create a vehicle people love to drive. All new from the road to the roof, the A5 line of vehicles with the four-door coupe body will be available in the U.S. for the first time. Wrapped in subtly sporty sheetmetal, the new Sportback with its large rear hatch offers easy access to its bigger cargo hold.

The A5 Sportback is offered in three well-equipped trims, the Premium, Premium Plus and the Prestige. The mid-level Premium Plus is a favorite because it comes with LED headlamps, keyless entry, push-button start, heated front seats, a driver’s seat with memory setting, as well as blind-spot monitoring featuring rear cross-traffic alert. Add the Navigation package and you get an 8.3-inch infotainment display, the Virtual Cockpit with its impressive digital gauge cluster and Audi Connect Prime and Connect Plus featuring onboard Wi-Fi hotspot, Google Earth connectivity, live traffic updates and more.

All models of the Audi A5 Sportback come with the German automakers Quattro all-wheel-drive system as standard equipment. They are also all propelled by a smooth and sonorous 2.0-liter, 252 horsepower turbocharged inline-four engine which delivers effortless power, paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that quickly and seamlessly shifts gears. Together they deliver superior performance and efficiency. This enables the 2018 Audi A5 to go from zero-to-60 in a flash and outrun most vehicles in its class in quarter-mile testing while getting excellent fuel efficiency.

The 2018 Audi A5 Sportback gets high marks for safety from both ITHS and NHTSA. This vehicle has an array of standard active safety features. They include forward-collision warning, automated emergency braking and pedestrian detection. Upgrade to Premium Plus and get blind-spot monitoring featuring rear cross-traffic alert for preventing rear-end collisions. Prestige models have parking sensors in the front and rear. Add the Driver Assistance package and it includes lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, traffic-sign recognition and automatic high-beam headlamps.

An incredible sports sedan, the Audi A5 Sportback offers amazing performance, nimble handling, impressive acceleration, exceptional fuel efficiency, wonderful new driver assistance technology, a remarkable 252 horsepower engine and a great ride. This modern sports sedan has a comfortable interior with high-quality materials, high-end features and superb fit and finish. It’s agile, responsive, corners great and can make riding on even broken, potholed, twisty tarmac a joy.

The Audi A3 has recently been voted as the “Best Car For The Money” by US News and World Report. The A3 was part of the small luxury car division of vehicles being judged. The award will be officially given to Audi at the Chicago Auto Show later this year.

The panel of judges considered several points about each vehicle to determine the winner. The Audi A3 ranked first in each area. This is very significant since it is unusual for a vehicle to place first in each designation.

So what makes the A3 the best choice in small luxury vehicles? The judges ranked it a top pick for the following reasons:

Affordable Luxury

The Audi A3 gives its owner every luxury found in the full size sedans offered by Audi. Many car manufacturers produce more affordable vehicles under their brand name, but they also reduce amenities and the overall quality of the vehicle. Audi has not done this with the A3. Judges found the car to be very sporty in appearance, come equipped with many advanced technologies, and be very affordable to operate based on its fuel efficiency.

Premium Features

The A3 has all leather seating with heated front seats, climate control features that allow both driver and passenger to adjust their own settings, a panoramic sun roof, xenon headlights, LED taillights and daytime running lights.

The Audi A3 also has a four cylinder turbocharged engine, a five speed transmission and is an all-wheel drive vehicle. This makes the sporty little car fast and gives it superior handling.


The dashboard is impressive and provides drivers with all the relevant information they need in an easy to read manner. The car also has two USB ports for easy charging while you are driving. Of course, the car comes with a variety of driver assistance technologies.

As with every Audi, the A3 is equipped with the pre-sense front sensors. Buyers can also choose rear cross traffic assist and the Audi virtual cockpit. Touch and smartphone integration options are also available in the Audi A3.

Audi has stated that not all features are available on all models of the A3 and that some of the smartphone integration will only work with compatible devices. Audi further stated that some of the integration systems may also require the downloading of an app to your smart phone to work. It is very important that you compare your device for compatibility with the Audi systems. To truly appreciate the technology in an Audi, take a look at one at Audi Of Tucson.

Design Quality

Improvements to the interior and exterior design of the A3 have also made the judges take notice of the car. Comfort levels for passengers and the driver have significantly improved over the former design, and the outside appearance is sharp and sporty for a small car.

The Audi A3 is a very sharp little car that provides a very good value for your money if you are seeking luxury in a compact car. Overall, the car is very affordable, provides luxury amenities, and has superior fuel efficiency. This makes the car not only affordable to purchase, but also affordable to operate.

A Look At The Audi Q5

Audi has redesigned their luxury compact Q5 for 2018. They’ve used a brand new platform, given it more power and better fuel efficiency. The new Audi Q5 also has more rear seat space, a quieter cabin and a smoother ride. Plus, more of Audi’s advanced safety features now come standard. Advanced safety features like forward-collision warning as well as low-speed automatic emergency braking are also available.

The powertrain of the 2018 Audi Q5 has been improved as well. The SUV is now powered by a smooth, energetic 2.0 liter, four-cylinder 252-horsepower turbocharged engine. That upgraded engine in paired with a brand new, seamless, quick-shifting 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission which took the place of the 8-speed automatic transmission Audi had on previous Q5 models. The new pairing combined with the vehicle’s now standard all-wheel-drive enable the 2018 Audi Q5 to quickly respond and go from zero to sixty a full second faster than before. To see what kind of power we are talking about, you can take one for a spin at Audi Of Tucson.

Those upgrades help the 2018 Audi Q5 to improve its fuel economy significantly over previous models. It now gets an EPA rated 25 mpg in combined highway and city driving. Plus, its firm suspension soaks up the roadway bumps and the vehicle’s easy steering control, nimble handling and gentler ride make driving the new Audi Q5 a very enjoyable experience. Want an even snappier ride? You can get the SQ5 which comes with a new 354-horsepower, turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission for more get up and go.

Inside, the new Q5 has an uncluttered interior which features high-quality materials, high-tech controls and a high-mounted screen for its MMI infotainment system. Add the Navigation Package and you get Audi’s innovative virtual cockpit which displays the information for navigation, audio, phone and more on an easy to see and access color screen. The new audio system comes with Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility as part of the 2018 Audi Q5’s standard equipment. The eye-catching interior reflects Audi’s latest design themes and makes using the upgraded systems and controls a breeze.

The front seats are firm and well-padded and the driver’s seat has four-way lumbar adjustments and an array of other power adjustments. The back of the SUV’s tall entryway makes getting into the rear seat easy. There’s lots of headroom in the new Q5 and a well-placed lever lets the rear seatbacks recline. There’s also a beautifully finished cargo area with a study cover behind a power liftgate that’s standard equipment. There’s also an available hands-free opening/closing system.

The Audi Q5 has a host of standard safety features. They include forward-collision warning as well as low-speed automatic emergency braking featuring pedestrian detection. Several other optional advanced safety features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist are also available. Choose the Premium Plus or Prestige packages and rear cross-traffic warning and blind-spot warning come standard.
The Navigation package comes with 19-inch wheel and other extras.

For $42,475 you can get the base model 2018 Audi Q5. The sportier SQ5’s pricing starts at $55,250.

The Audi A8 is the 2018 World Luxury car. That declaration was made on the last day of the recently concluded ‘The Road to World Car Journey’ at the 2018 New York International Car Show. This is the ninth time AUDI AG has emerged victorious in the prestigious World Car Awards. The company had previously won the title of World Car of the Year with its Audi A3 in 2014 and in 2005 for the Audi A6. Audi is clearly a cut above when it comes to automotive excellence. To how much Audi is the winner and how much the company dominates, take any Audi for a spin at Audi Of Tucson.

The four titles it won for World Performance Car, in 2007 for its Audi RS 4, 2008 for the Audi R8, in 2010 with its Audi R8 V10 and in 2016 for the amazing Audi R8 Coupe, and winning the 2007 and 2008 awards for World Car Design of the Year, has long establish Audi as an auto industry leader. This latest award is simply confirmation of Audi exalted place as a leader in automotive innovation. In a statement AUDI AG said their flagship model winning ‘is a special honor’. One that recognizes the new automotive engineering standard the Audi A8 sets with its broad-based electrification, technically advanced automated driving and innovative touch control system.

This year the Audi A8 beat out the Porsche Panamera and the Porsche Cayenne to win the coveted title of World Luxury Car. The World Car Awards began handing out the award which acknowledges higher-priced premium models in 2014. The finalists for this year’s award were announced earlier this month in Geneva. An international jury of 82 of the top automotive journalists representing 24 countries chosen for their expertise, credibility, influence and experience vote for the top vehicles.

The Road to the World Car process started in September 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany. In October, the program held a Tokyo Test Drive for the first time. Jurors got the opportunity to evaluate the vehicles at the BMW facilities in Tokyo Bay. In November a record 35 jurors of The Road to the World Car spent 6 days conducting “L.A. Test Drives”. The finalists selected to be in the “Top Three In The World” were made public at the Geneva Motor Show. The journey of Road to World Car ended with the winners from every category being announced in New York at the 2018 International Auto Show. KPMG, an international accounting firm, tabulated the ballots of the jurors.

Launched in 2004, the World Car Awards is a top automotive awards program. The awards identify the auto industry’s ‘best of the best’. It’s among the honors automakers covet most. World Car Awards guided by a Steering Committee made up of the pre-eminent automotive journalists representing Europe, Asia, and North America recognizes automotive innovation and excellence. They consider factors like the effective use of autonomous driving technology, acoustic and thermal management, the weight and functionality of components, production processes, sustainable transportation trends, electrification, Artificial Intelligence and connectivity to improve the vehicle’s performance and the comfort and enjoyment of the occupants.

2019 Audi A6: What You Need to Know

The 2019 Audi A6 is the eight generation of a vehicle that was first introduced in 1994. Now, the premium mid-sized sedan is in a class all by itself. It’s a potent blend of style, sportiness, comfort and technology that’s opulent yet affordable. And Audi is taking the A6 to an entirely new level with the 2019 version of the vehicle. There are styling changes on the outside, the interior layout is brand new, it has an entire suite of new connectivity and convenience features, standard Quattro AWD traction, a wide array suspension set-ups and a powertrain that has had a mild-hybrid upgrade.

Audi describes the 2019 A6 as a luxury class multitalent. It comes in a wide array of configurations and body styles. It’s powered by a TFSI V6, 340 horsepower, 3.0 liter engine which delivers 390 pound-feet of torque. The A6 has a top speed of 155 miles per hour and goes from zero to 60 in an impressive 5.1 seconds. Plus, it comes with either a 7-speed or an 8-speed automatic transmission. Whether you want the 7-speed or 8-speed, you can check either out at Audi Of Tucson.

The vehicle has reshaped headlight housings, a wider, shorter single frame grill and a sharper, more aero-efficient exterior style. This creates a handsome profile with its long hood line, the sporty, forward leaning roofline slopes towards the tail. It has a long wheelbase, short overhangs and bulky rear fender flares that give the A6 a more muscular look. The trunk lid spoiler is curved and improves aerodynamics. There are many optional elements on the new Audi A6. They include HD Matrix LEDs, 14 different color options and an array of sport and design packages.

The interior design of the 2019 A6 looks great. Audi has added two 10.1 and 8.6-inch easy to operate touchscreens on the totally new dash and center console to replace the myriad buttons that control the vehicle’s driver assistance functions. The high-end materials like leather seats and wood paneling throughout the vehicle to give it an upscale look and feel. Plus, the new Audi A6 has all the latest safety and connectivity technology. When it comes to infotainment, the upgraded A6 features a premium Bang & Olufsen audio system.

The interior isn’t only comfortable, the back also has cargo room measuring in excess of 18.7 cubic feet. Opt for Audi’s all-digital MMI navigation plus package and you get a 12.3-inch virtual cockpit digital readout behind the steering wheel with speed and navigation information. Plus, it also provides a heads-up display which projects more info on the new A6’s windshield, haptic acoustic feedback, intelligent voice control and fully customizable onboard systems.

The improved systems also offer optional smart search, custom navigation, real-time traffic info and a digital key feature for remote start and unlocking and locking the doors. There’s even hazard info, traffic sign recognition as well as an on-street parking service that utilize the Audi fleet’s ‘the swarm intelligence network’. There are also a whole host of other optional features. The futuristic, techno-cool 2019 Audi A6 truly is an amazing automobile.

Auto industry experts waited with baited breath at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show to finally get a look at Audi’s newly developed production version of it e-tron SUV. The e-tron is the badge Audi is using for its soon-to-be-released line of electric vehicles. The company had debuted a prototype of the e-tron SUV when it unveiled the new Audi A6. But the gathered press were shocked and bemused when Audi didn’t unveil the e-tron SUV, but instead announced it had put 250 e-tron prototypes covered in camouflage on the streets of Geneva, Switzerland. While some have caught glimpses of the vehicles, no one is 100% sure what Audi’s electric SUV looks like. While the company is still working on prototypes, if you want to check out an Audi vehicle, head to Audi Of Tucson.

Audi, which had previously used the e-tron name on its plug-in hybrid A3, will force the automotive world to wait until August to officially unveil its new electric SUV with a 311-mile range. However, sharp-eyed automotive enthusiasts in the know already have a little inside scoop on the e-tron SUV test fleet released on Geneva’s streets covered in a conspicuously designed camouflage black and orange in color. The prototypes are powered by three electric motors which combine to produce 320 kW or approximately 429 horsepower. The trio of motors create an electronic version of the Quattro all-wheel drive system Audi developed.

A rechargeable battery pack powers the motors. The battery pack can be recharged in 30 minutes at fast-charging stations and gives the e-tron SUV enough power to travel about 311 miles. Over the next few months Audi is expected do public tests on the 250 e-tron SUV prototypes on four continents and cover more than 5 million miles before its big reveal of its production model later in the year. The vehicle will be tested in a variety of climates and terrain and use a several different charging standards in order to evaluate its real-world viability.

Audi will enjoy all the social media buzz that the attention-grabbing special e-tron camo covered vehicles will generate without divulging the new vehicle’s design details. The company has signaled that the actual production version of the e-tron SUV will be revealed at an event to be held in Brussels later in the year. At that time the company disclose precise details related to the e-tron SUV’s performance, specific range, packaging and pricing. Deliveries of the EV for the 2019 model year are expected to begin at dealerships around the country by the last quarter of 2018.

Sources described the e-tron SUV, Audi’s first purely electrically powered vehicle, as a sporty, premium SUV with a roomy interior, comfortable seating for five and lots of room for luggage similar to other Audi luxury-class vehicles. The e-tron SUV goes from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds, its top speed is 130 mph and it produces 590 pound-feet of torque. The vehicle has a large singleframe grille flanked on either side by slim headlights and can deliver a strong performance on a variety of terrain. The e-tron SUV is produced in a Brussels carbon-neutral plant.

A Look At The 2018 Audi TT

The 2018 Audi TT RS is among the top German sports cars. This is the first year for the RS version of the Audi TT. It features a powerful DOHC 20-valve turbocharged inline-five, 2.5-liter 400 horsepower engine. The front fascia of the RS has large flared out intakes that allows for more airflow. It also has a purposeful wing and in the back there are large-caliber oval exhaust outlets. The all-wheel drive 2018 Audi TT RS delivers 354 pound-feet of torque, goes from zero-to-60 in an amazing 3.2 seconds and zooming along at 119 miles per hour, it flies through the quarter mile in 11.6 seconds. Plus, it looks cute as a button, but has the soul of a lion. By checking one out at Audi Of Tucson, you are sure to see how great the 2018 Audi TT really is.

The brand new Audi TT RS has a base price of $65,875 and a long list of exceptional options. Those options include the Dynamic Plus package which features carbon-ceramic front brake discs, as well as a stiffer Sport suspension. Its Technology package adds a navigation system and a premium Bang & Olufsen sound system. When buyers opt for the Black Optic package they get the menacing blacked out mirror caps and exterior trim. There’s also an exhaust system with black tips and a very loud button.

When it comes to interior styling, the 2018 Audi TT RS has one of the nicest sports-car interiors. Audi’s little coupe has black leather seats with red contrast stitching set around diamond-patterned perforations. Plus, it’s fastidiously detailed. The contour changes and line breaks have new materials and finishes setting them off. This provides a peek at the seating surface’s red underside. There are even red bands on the edges of the seatbelts in the RS’ Design package. Even the in-dash air vents are specially engineered. Audi incorporates all those things and the coupe still looks sleek, cool and powerful.

The 2018 Audi TT RS is 165 inches long, 72.1 inches wide and 52.9 inches in height, has a wheelbase of 98.6 inches and a curb weight of 3,255 pounds. This all-wheel drive vehicle has a smooth shifting 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission combined with the market’s only high-performance quintuple engine with immediate and monstrous thrust and a top speed of 174 miles per hour. The vehicle averages 22 mpg in city driving, 19 mpg on the highway and it rides on a Sport’s tuned suspension featuring perfectly balanced struts, coil springs as well as anti-roll bars that let’s drivers feel the road.

This sporty, good looking coupe is comfortable, ergonomically designed, has ample cargo space and lots of excellent features and amenities. Both its interior and exterior styling are impressive and the vehicle is fun to drive. With the 2018 Audi TT RS, the German automaker has an impressive car. One that’s a dramatic departure from previous iterations of the TT and it’s a great accomplishment. This vehicle is no prima donna. While it’s stylish and technologically advanced, it offers a combination of great looks, good feel and excellent performance few vehicles can match.