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The new Audi A4 is the leader in its class when it comes to refinement, understated, evolutionary styling, elegance and comfort. It’s wider, longer, and much roomier inside than ever before. Its quieter, gets great fuel economy and is a dynamic performer on winding roads. Plus the engine responds instantaneously. Then there’s the A4s technologically advanced Audi Virtual Cockpit and seamless connectivity. The Audi MMI with its keys and buttons offering quick access makes it the simplest and most intuitive multimedia system. Include its five star rating and it’s easy to see Audi is taking their A4 in a bold new direction.

The new A4 has a longer wheelbase than the previous model. Even with its increase in size, the A4 weights as much as 120 kilograms less than before. Part of the reason for the loss in weight is its aluminum-intensive chassis which is 45 kg lighter than previous models. Although it appears much bigger because of its sleeker, tighter, more dynamic lines, as well as folds and creases, and a bolder Audi horseshoe radiator grill, the new A4 still boasts excellent fuel economy.

One example of Audi’s evolution in style is their full LED headlights which has DRLs and dynamic LED signal lights as well as taillights. Add an array of alloy wheel designs, an S-line bodykit, interior LED mood lights, soft, supple, rich-looking leather covered interior, along with sporty three-spoke steering wheel and you get a sense of the A4’s visual changes. Under the hood the evolution takes the form revamped engines including the 2.0-TDI diesel and 2.0-liter TFSI gasoline models available on the new Audi A4 which is devoid of lag and produces lower exhaust emissions and improved fuel economy.

The interior of the new Audi A4 is the largest in its class. Plus it’s quieter than ever. Add cosseting leather seats and the Audi Drive Select with its suspension settings, transmission sensitivity and engine mapping which can be tuned to dynamic, comfort or normal modes depending on the driver’s mood as well as the driving conditions and riding in the new A4 can be an exhilarating experience. The seven-speed dual clutch S-tronic transmission and lower weight helps give it a smooth ride, improved handling characteristics and dynamic performance on winding roads. While you can’t push the limits on a test drive, you should take an Audi A4 out for one at Audi of Tucson. That way, you will get at feel for the power it offers.

The new A4’s 12.3-inch LCD Virtual Cockpit technology is a game changer. The multidisplay system has multimedia settings including speedometer and tachometer or GPS and satellite navigation combinations. The soft-touch buttons and rotary dial on which you can scribble to search your connected mobile media device using Audi’s MMI system are futuristic. Android Auto and Apple Carplay are pre-installed. Plus the quick access buttons and keys on the Audi MMI makes it simple and very intuitive. Just plug in your cellphone or media device and the MMI syncs up to it.

With traction/stability control, ABS-EBD brakes and six airbags all standard and a five star rating to go with the new Audi A4’s comfort, technological advancements and refinements, and enjoy true luxury.

Next-gen Audi’s to get dynamic overhaul


The message recently came down from people in the know that the next generation of Audi automobiles will be treated to a dynamic overhaul. Audi has committed to improving the steering feel of its new vehicles beginning with the 2017 A8. The company also said its new vehicles will have a more supple ride. Add Audi’s cutting-edge technology and it signals a very exciting time for Audi enthusiasts.

The plan is for Audi to redefine both the ride as well as the handling characteristics of its vehicles as the company launches each new generation. The promised changes are set to begin next year with the flagship of Audi’s fleet, the A8. Audi engineers have been given the task of maintaining the current generations sporty remit, while adding a wide range of new dynamic attributes. One of the most notable changes is expected to be the way the steering feels. Plus the ride settings are said to be more pliant where the engineers feel it’s appropriate. And, to see how appropriate Audi feels, check one of many out at Audi of Tucson.

The focus of Audi’s mainstream models has always been the way the vehicle rides as well as the handling balance. The goal was to make drivers feel they were controlling a sporty car. However, the cars were configured so they weren’t tiring to drive, especially when they were on the motorway going at high speed. The current generation of Audi automobiles are much better than previous generations in that regard. However, a common criticism of Audi automobiles is they have uninvolving dynamics. The German automaker has been listening to Audi owners and critics and are addressing the issue with each new generation.

The automakers goal for the next generation of the A8, for example, is to make it as comfortable as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the best selling automobile in its class. Plus the engineers at Audi will also seek to enhance the dynamic capabilities of the car. They will also continue to focus on the larger, mainstream Audi models’ comfort level when it comes to long distance driving. However, the new emission regulation make it necessary for the automaker to make advances when it comes to the calibration of the vehicles’ electrically power steering setup. The challenge is to do this while integrating new suspension technology designed to improve the way the vehicles ride and their handling characteristics.

The Audi models that are expected to benefit most from the improvement in technology are the faster S and RS. Still the better ride and handling will be experienced by people driving all Audi models. Plus Audi is set to make the ride much more compliant in the A1 and the A3. The feedback the company has gotten shows people think it’s more important that the ride feel more comfortable rather than sportier.

The technological advances will be added at the same time the Audi line will get an entirely new look created by design chief Marc Lichte. The sharp new design of the Audi Prologue concept gives a hint of how the 2017 A8 will look.


The electric car is becoming more and more of a reality, and Audi is doing it’s best to make it a reality sooner. With three electric vehicles to take shape by 2020, you will star seeing on the road in no time. This is amazing if you think about it as the electric car always seemed out of reach. The company is famously tight-lipped, so there is not a lot to report, but, things are in motion. Here is a quick look at the three electric vehicles taking shape.

The electric version of the Q6 crossover is only just in the beginning stages, so if you have seen any photos of this vehicle, don’t fret. Whatever the final product will be, it’s bound to look good, and the company will offer both hydrogen fuel-cell and hybrid versions with ranges of over 300 miles. The Q6 EV will not just provide a little burst of power; it’s going to provide top performance consistently. Again, this is a fluid situation, so things can change, but rest assured, the Q6 EV is going to be a hit. While you may have to wait a while for electric vehicles by Audi, you should check out some current models at Audi of Tucson.

The crossover SUV will also spawn the second electric vehicle, which will be a variation on the Q6 EV, with a bit sportier bodywork. Audi is aiming to keep people interested in electric vehicles by making sure that they are still quick, powerful and fun to drive. Though, very little has been said about this vehicle, which means that Audi is probably hard at work to make something that will blow the public away.

The concept for the third vehicle is still being worked on, and it’s more than likely going to be an executive sedan. But, it’s unlikely to be an A9 as the company doesn’t want to price the car too high and lose potential buyers. Needless to say, the plan is to provide a high-end, luxurious experience as Audi wants to show that you can have your cake and eat it too. Meaning, the company wants to show that an electric vehicle doesn’t have to be boring and slow.

The company is very confident when it comes to electric vehicles, it predicts a 25 to 30 percent take rate by 2025. There is also a lot of talk of a hydrogen-fueled Audi, which is indispensable to the company. Not only that, self-driving vehicles, both electric and non-electric versions, should hit the road soon. While there have been a few high-profile deaths involving self-driving cars, they are still safer, and Audi wants to press on with this tech, and and the company has said as much.

If you are loyal Audi customer, you know that Audi fulfills it’s promises. Whether we talk about safety, reliability, power or luxury, Audi always delivers – usually above and beyond most peoples expectations. By buying an Audi, you will get all you desire in a car, and if you are waiting for an electric vehicle to come out soon, you won’t have to wait long as Audi is sure to deliver on time, if not early.

Audi A1

Audi is at it again. The tech-savvy German automaker is poised to take its industry leading automotive technology to even greater heights when the all new 2018 Audi A1 is released soon. As if the outstanding vehicles are not futuristic enough, the company promises that the new A1 will get a boost in both technology and quality. The tease has Audi enthusiasts waiting with bated breath to see just what the innovative automaker has planned. The first generation A1 supermini had already broken new ground with all the technology it contained, now comes word that the second-generation A1 supermini set to be released in 2018 is slightly larger and even more sophisticated.

According to automotive industry insiders, the improved design of the 2018 supermini makes it more comfortable and technologically advanced while being more practical. While the company is attempting to temper outsized expectations by saying the new A1 is more evolutionary than revolutionary, Audi lovers are still excited to see what changes this evolution has brought. Early reports say one of the many changes is designed to make rear seat passengers more comfortable by giving them additional room to spread out without the compromising speed and agility of the vehicle. But, it’s hard to read about it and make a decision, so you must test drive one out at Audi of Tucson.

The next major improvement hinted at along with the new platform is new engines. While the engines on the previous generation of A1s were stellar, Audi is said to have re-engineered the current 100 horsepower, 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo engine to make it more powerful and even more responsive. There’s talk that Audi may even add the new 1.5-liter diesel and gas engine that the VW Group recently created. However, those in the know say the new VW Group designed engines will likely be first debuted on the next Audi A3 and then be offered as an option on the 2018 Audi A1.

As if that wasn’t enough to satisfy people that love the groundbreaking cars produced by the innovative German automotive company, the aesthetics of the 2018 Audi A1 have been improved, as well. Reports say the 2018 A1 will have sharper headlamps that feature unique new signatures on its daytime running lights, wider taillights, as well as the option across the range to have scrolling indicators. The new dashboard will also feature Audi’s new 12.3″ Virtual Cockpit, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as part of the automaker’s updated version of their MMI infotainment system.

For those with an eye out for an RS1, in recent weeks several sources have reported that a 280 horsepower pocket rocket might grace the Geneva Motor Show next year. It has also been confirmed that Audi will move its production from its facility in Brussels to the SEAT Martorell plant located in Barcelona. It’s the same facility where Audi plans to build the Ibiza and its smallest hatchback alongside each other.

Yes, Audi has some exciting new changes planned for it 2018 A1. And true Audi A1 lovers are having a tough time waiting to see just what the future looks like via Audi engineers’ vision.

Audi A7 spied

The Audi A7 is a top-seller. This full-size luxury car has been in production since 2010, and it is only getting more popular and better, in every way. There have been a few face-lifts, naturally, but that doesn’t meant that it can’t get better. Audi always wants to improve, and the next generation Audi A7 should be a big improvement on this amazing car. There has been rumbling going on for a while, and fans of the A7 are getting excited.

There are some leaked photos of the car, but they are from far away, so it’ not easy to see what is going on with the new model. But, rest assured, the outside won’t look dramatically different as Audi is not big on changing near-perfection. It will retain its fastback design, and it will sport the new Audi singleframe grille. Also, sharper headlights are going to be part of the A7. It will also likely have a more muscular and streamlined look, but again, things are not going to change drastically. This should make any fan of the A7 happy as it is a well-designed and sporty car that certainly turns heads. A lot of the big changes that are expected will be under the hood.

The next-generation Audi A7 is going to be built on the MLB evo platform, which should make it that much better, and it is also going to be used in the next Audi A8. This simply means that the A7 should lose some unneeded weight, all while offering better driving dynamics and more power. By shedding weight, the A7 will enjoy better fuel economy, which should be good news to anyone looking at buying a car in the future. All in all, the 2018 Audi A7 model and future models will be faster, lighter, safer and get better gas mileage, all while retaining the great styling and comfort.

As far as engine options, we can expect similar options to the one’s available now. Foreign markets, as always, will likely get a diesel model, and there is some talk a new plug-in version with the new generation of Audi A7s. The supercharged 3.0 liter V6 engine and turbo V8 will be available in the new generation of the A7, which should make buyers happy as both engines are more than capable of providing the driver will a lot of fun and power. To see the power of many Audi cars and SUVs, test drive all your favorites at Audi of Tucson. Once behind the wheel of any Audi, you will start singing the praises too.

If you are wondering what the big deal about the current generation of the A7, you should know what makes it so great. First and foremost, with it’s original design and Audi quattro, you will enjoy turning lots of heads. Combined with decent fuel economy, lots of technology and plenty of power, and it’s easy to see why people are excited about the Audi A7 and future models.

If you are waiting for the new Audi A7 to come out, the wait will be worth it. While the current model is already nearly perfect, the 2018 version and subsequent models will be even better.

The concept car Audi e-tron quattro at the Volkswagen Group Night (IAA) in Frankfurt.

The concept car Audi e-tron quattro at the Volkswagen Group Night (IAA) in Frankfurt.

Audi is at it again. The company is always on the forefront of tech and innovation, and this time, Audi wants to make three electric vehicles by 2020. While this is a formidable goal since very few people own electric cars now, if any company can do it, Audi is the one. There is no doubt about it, electric cars are the future, and by having the goal of three cars by 2020, Audi is going to push itself, along with other manufacturers, to get something going, sooner rather than later.

Other luxury vehicle manufacturers are getting serious about it too, and that is probably one reason why Audi is getting a little more serious about electric vehicles. Rivals like BMW and Mercedes have similar plans to add both sedans and SUVs, and Audi will probably catch up, and maybe even surpass these two companies. Recently, CEO, Rupert Stadler, spoke with a German media firm and said that electric vehicles will account for between 25 and 30 percent of Audi’s sales by 2025. Audi also has other plans such as investing in autonomous driving tech and digital services.

To achieve the goal of having various electric cars, Audi will set up a subsidiary, called SDS company. And, as of now, Audi may work with other companies in the industry to help bolster their electric lineups. Besides having a few amazing electric cars, Audi also wants to take the autonomous vehicles to the next level. It will be more like a robot car that may not even need pedals nor a steering wheel, which is the next logical step. While the autonomous vehicles of the future, along with the three electric cars Audi plans to make, are a great step, it comes at a, slight, cost. Though it’s been talked about for a long time, the two-door A3 may get the ax, but things, naturally, can change. The company feels it would not lose customers, and most loyal Audi buyers would find something else that Audi makes, perhaps a better and newer version. If you are in the market for a new car, Audi is sure to provide what you are looking for, and you can find the best Audi cars and SUVs at Audi of Tucson.

Audi also has interest in fuel cell cars, but it is not a question of will or ability. It is a question of technology on the infrastructure end as there simply is not enough infrastructure to support fuel cell cars going coast to coast. Other than small pockets in major coastal cities, fuel cell drivers would have serious problems getting fuel. On the electric car front, many who love the Audi brand are hoping that the company will release something like the R8 e-tron, though nothing is set in stone as plans, ideas and the wants and needs of drivers are all constantly changing.

If you are a fan of what Audi has to offer, you should be pretty excited about the future. Not only will the company have autonomous vehicles, but within a few years, we will see multiple electric vehicles on the road. In the future, most Audi’s will be all-electric, and that includes cars and SUVs.

Group of Audi Cars

With more than 950,000 units delivered, Audi increased its sales by 5.6 percent, since January, and it grew in all regions. The car manufacturer enjoyed strong growth, especially in the European market. In fact, sales in the European market increased an impressive 8.4 percent, since the beginning of 2016. For the first time in the history of Audi, the company sold more than 450,000 units in Europe. The new models such as Audi A4 and the Audi Q7 full size SUV have helped sales greatly; worldwide the Audi Q7 full size SUV has enjoyed an increase of over 73 percent in sales, worldwide.

In June, deliveries worldwide enjoyed a robust 7.4 percent increase as sales hit 169,000 units. Like most other auto manufacturers right now, Audi has persisting challenges in key markets. With slow economic growth and uncertainty in most of the major markets, it is a wonder that Audi enjoyed such a successful month and is having a great year. Things are only looking better for Audi, and if the company can execute, there is no reason to believe that it won’t continue shattering sales goals. That doesn’t mean that there are not plenty of great Audi’s to check out now, and you can see that for yourself at Audi of Tucson.

To get where it wants to go, obviously Audi will need to lean hard on its flagship vehicles . The A8, for example, is only going to get better, any this is one of the main reasons why Audi is killing it right now. However, in the upcoming months, the company plans to strengthen its portfolio with new concepts such as the SQ7 TDI, Q7 e-tron and A6L e-tron. Not only that, Audi has new technology that it is working on such as autonomous vehicles, which will revolutionize the industry and boost sales. Already successful models are going to enjoy some changes, including the A5 and A3, which is likely to boost sales and gain more happy customers for the company.

With the plummet of gas prices, Audi has experienced something that other manufacturers are also experiencing. Nearly every other unit sold in the United States, so far this year, has been an SUV. For this reason, the Audi Q3, Q5 and Q7 enjoyed brisk sales as buyers truly love the crossovers that they are being offered. While not as big of a market, Canada enjoyed a huge jump of 16 percent as the company sold 15,614 units. This is no surprise as anyone who has been to Canada knows that an SUV is a well-used vehicle, especially in the winter months as people appreciate the all-wheel drive Quattro.

As mentioned, the technologies offered by Audi are top-notch, and this is one of the reasons why it is enjoying robust sales. While the autonomous car is not here today, there are other tech items that make the driver more comfortable such as heated seats, power everything and a great stereo. This certainly helps people make up their minds to buy an Audi, and if you are ever looking for one, you will love how much technology Audi has.

Audi is enjoying a great year all around the world, and it should only get better as the company is never shy about making great changes that benefit us all.

Audi tests autonomous vehicle on Autobahn

Audi Test

The self-driving car is coming sooner rather than later. Companies all around the world are working on autonomous vehicles, and Audi is on top of its game. To test the car and concept, Audi is working in Germany, and the company is using the Autobahn, which is no day in the park. With the A7 concept car, named Jack, the automaker hopes to have the perfect autonomous vehicle ready in a few short years.

The car gives trucks a wider berth, when passing, and it easily edges in the direction of the lane marking, well before signaling. It is in an attempt to mimic real-world driving situations by human drivers. On the test run, Jack didn’t get aggressive or angry at drivers, which is a frequent problem on the speed-limit-free stretches of the Autobahn, where cars regularly fly down the road at around 125 miles per hour. Removing this risk makes everyone safer as high-speed car accidents are obviously the worst kind of ones to be in. While true, Audi certainly builds cars with enough power to get to such high speeds, and you can test drive an Audi at Audi of Tucson. Though, they won’t let you take it up to 125 miles per hour!

The car is much more cooperative than human drivers, especially when it came time to let other drivers merge. The test car decides whether to slow down or accelerate, depending on the traffic situation. Making self-driving cars act more like human drivers is one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face in the quest to introduce self-driving cars that can easily handle a wide variance of driving situations, including most day-to-day situations and other rare situations.

It will certainly be a thing to see vehicles without drivers. A lot of people have fears and trepidation when it comes to autonomous vehicles, but those fears are largely unfounded. When looking at the statistics, by any way one would measure them, it is much more dangerous to have a human behind the wheel. Not only do humans get tired, drunk and frustrated, but they also push the limits and don’t know when to take a step back. Of course, while there are challenges, it is just a matter of time before you start seeing them on the freeway. Federal, state, county and city governments all over the United States will certainly have to develop new laws and a framework for it all, but states like Nevada and California are already anticipating the big boom.

The benefits to autonomous vehicles should be obvious. For starters, they will be much safer. People who are fatigued or otherwise a danger will not wreak havoc on the road. And, they will also be more efficient as humans have proven that they are not good at conserving gas in a stop-and-go environment.
Audi, like always, is at the forefront of autonomous vehicle tech. While true, don’t expect to rush out and buy one next year as they may not be ready for another five to ten years, depending on the advancement of the technology.

A close look at the 2016 Audi Q3


The 2016 Audi A3 is in the crossover segment, which is showing no signs of slowing down, and nearly all automakers are posting some of the best month-over-month numbers. While true, if you think that crossover fans have a lot of options if they want a small and upscale option, you would be wrong.

With a quick glance, it may be hard to tell the difference between a Q3 and a Q5, which is larger and more popular. But, this was Audi’s intention, and with the Q3, you get the advantage of the handsome design setup of the larger and more expensive Q5. Inside, drivers are treated to a comfortable and refined ride with standard leather and soft touch materials. Passengers in the front have a comfortable place to sit as there is an abundance of legroom and cabin space for people of all sizes. Coupled with 12-way power-adjustable front seats that are leather-trimmed, and heated, drivers and passengers alike will be in paradise. While it is a comfortable experience for front seat passengers, people in the back who are tall may not fair so well, though for the average person, it is not a tight ride, and four people can fit in this crossover with ease.

If you are hunting for a large SUV that you can stuff plenty of people and things in, the Audi Q3 may not be for you. With 16.7 cubic feet of storage space behind the rear seats, you aren’t going to want to use this to move. But, it actually compares favorably to the competition, and there is enough space for people who want to do day-to-day errands. Furthermore, the rear seats are easy to fold, and you can get 48.2 cubic feet of storage space, which is enough for five large suitcases. Again, while there are better workhorses that can carry a lot of cargo, the Audi Q3 is a great in-between choice that does it all. To see how a Q3 can fit into your driving routine, take one for a spin at Audi of Tucson.

If you want technology, you will love the Q3. Things like standard dual-zone climate control, 10-speaker stereo and a satellite radio make the Q3 more enjoyable on the road. If you spring for the $2,600 Technology Package, you will get Audi’s MMI navigation system with Google Street View and Google Earth, which makes navigation a breeze. Also thrown in is a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that allows you to connect up to eight devices. All in all, if you spring for the technology package, which you should, you are going to love this crossover.

With a turbocharged 2.0 liter 4-cylinder motor, drivers enjoy a peppy engine that delivers 200 horses and 207 lb.-ft. of torque. While quick, it is not best in class, though with fuel economy of 20 MPG in the city and 28 on the highway, it is a great compromise. The 2016 Audi Q3 is fun to drive, safe, comfortable and full of luxury, and if you are looking for a small crossover, you have found it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.36.15 AM

New Generation Sporty, Athletic and Elegant

Although it won’t be available in the United States this year, Audi fans can look forward to possibly next year when the automaker will make the Audi A5 and S5 coupe available at dealerships such as Audi of Tucson. The new version of the popular two-door car shows a clear relationship to the first generation vehicle that was launched in 2007. The new A5 and S5 offer a much more modern look that is honed to create an athletic and elegant machine that’s perfectly balanced. From the long hood and three-dimensional shoulder line to new LED lighting and dynamic turn signals, the new A5 and S5 Coupes create a stunning statement when sitting still or challenging the nation’s speed laws.

New Engines Have More Power

Although it’s still undecided what engines the American version of these cars will have, the new Audi A5 Coupe is going to have five engine choices in Europe including two gasoline and three diesel configurations. The engines range in horsepower from 190 to 286, which is about a 17 percent increase over the current model. The Audi S5 will come with a turbo V6 that delivers a sporty 354 horsepower, or 21 more horses than the current model.

New A5 Roomier Than Ever

Due to a longer wheelbase and some clever use of layout and design, the interior of the A5 Coupe is now roomier than ever. A redesigned dash, instrument panel and HVAC venting system have freed up room in the front to create an impressive sense of space. As you might expect, the interior consists of high quality materials assembled with unparalleled craftsmanship. A wide range of colors and choice of ambient lighting lets you set the mood, whether you’re out for a night on the town, a long vacation or just your daily commute. A special consideration was given to the “acoustic comfort” of the driver and passengers. Special noise deadening materials and a smart layout keep the outside noise on the outside while enhancing the quality of the superb sound system.

MMI Navigation System Includes Internet Connection

Audi’s Multi-media Information system with navigation automatically includes a connection to the LTE Internet network, keeping the driver and passengers connected while on the road. The network not only keeps you in the loop with friends and the goings-on in the world, but also offers services that can bring first responders in a hurry if you are ever in need. Stay in touch with Audi of Tucson to seen when the new A5 and S5 Coupes will be making their way to the showroom floor.