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In 2010, Audi launched the Audi Urban Future Initiative as a solution to their concerns with the future of automobiles in urban cities. The car company’s concerns stemmed from the idea that pollution and cost will eventually cause cars to become obsolete; and that architects will design cities around this idea. However, much to Audi’s surprise, their assumptions were false.

The Head of Audi Design senses that automotive strategy is ready for a change; something new without defying tradition. The objective for the design team is to redirect their attention to restructure the Audi design. Furthermore, the focus of Audi’s design future is the relationship between technology and design.

How does this affect the future of Audi’s design? The answer is simple: Adapt their automobiles to become economically sound, and to take it a step above others, adapt their ideas to the designs of urban futures.

Automotive designers and product designers at The Concept Design Studio in Munich, Germany benefit from one another’s creative ideas. They are proving themselves strong by reflecting the freedom in the work process of their creative talents. The three segments of automotive design (Color and Trim, Interior, and Exterior) will work more thoroughly together in the future in order to design a car from a universal perspective, particularly during the initial creative phase.

All of these factors will result in greater differentiation between the A, R and Q model lines in the future. Looking ahead, the design team is initially concentrating on the Q family. It embodies a hearty, distinguishing look. Audi Design, as a result, is making modelsmore three-dimensional to support the powerful presence characterizing every model.  For example, the Q model line’s removable center roof element of carbon is also distinctive. It transforms the urban SUV into an open-top all-arounder. For more information on Audi’s current and future designs, visit Tucson Audi.

To take it a step further, Audi plans to focus on electricity. With the Audi A3 e-tron, Audi recently launched its first electric vehicle pilot program. Although a challenging venture for Audi, this venture has allowed the company to maintain their innovative strong suits in designing what is a different kind of car for the future.

To check out more current and future Audi designs, visit an Arizona Audi dealer.


Audi Certified Pre-Owned

As automotive technology continues to advance and the quality of vehicles increases, it should come as no surprise that the value of pre-owned vehicles is at an all-time high.  Many manufacturers offer buyback programs, rebates, and other incentives to encourage buyers to consider pre-owned vehicle options, even as the price point of those vehicles edges closer to that of a new vehicle.  At your Tucson Audi dealer, the value of a pre-owned Audi has never been higher (even though prices remain comparatively low).

Nearly every manufacturer boasts some sort of certified pre-owned program, but Audi presents a superior offering in three key ways: warranty, inspection, and dealer/manufacturer incentives.

Warranty.  Audi offers one of the best certified pre-owned warranties in the market.  Certified pre-owned owners enjoy a six-year, 100,000 total vehicle mileage warranty which covers the engine, cooling system, fuel system, transmission, suspension, brakes, steering, climate control, and electrical systems.  The warranty even covers emergency repairs performed by non-Audi service facilities provided the repairs were necessary and it was unreasonable to bring the vehicle to an Audi service center.  Few, if any, manufacturers offer such a comprehensive warranty program for their certified pre-owned vehicles.

Inspection.  Audi’s certification process for pre-owned vehicles begins with a 300+-point inspection.  Practically every mechanical part and interior and exterior feature (including the Audi badges) is examined by an Audi technician to ensure that every pre-owned Audi which receives certification operates just as well as it did when it was new.  The inspection is capped off with a full road test to identify and eliminate any ride, noise, or other issues which may be overlooked by a traditional garage inspection.

Incentives.  Audi offers many dealer and manufacturer incentives on certified pre-owned vehicles.  If you are interested in purchasing a used Audi, there are many offers unique to your local dealer which may sweeten the deal, such as 1.9% APR financing available at the time of this writing.

Audi produces some of the most luxurious and reliable automobiles on the road.  With the purchase of a certified pre-owned Audi, you, too, can enjoy the remarkable feeling of owning and driving one of the greatest vehicles available without any of the concerns plaguing other used vehicles.