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The 2017 Audi A4 comes equipped with new technology that takes the guesswork out of waiting for the light to change. It’s called vehicle-to-infrastructure, or V2I technology. It allows the vehicle to communicate with municipal traffic systems and make intelligent predictions about traffic. The A4, Q7 and All-road models that were produced after June 2016 can have it. Drivers of those Audi models can use the new technology at almost all 1,300 Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada run traffic control systems.

This new time management device is available with the Audi Connect Prime package. The V2I systems let’s drivers know exactly how long it will take for the light to change. It even gives a countdown so you can see exactly how much longer you will have to wait. It’s a step in the direction of your automobile providing real-time traffic data. It’s anticipated this technology will help improve traffic safety and congestion when its fully developed. Drivers will know where traffic jams exist and avoid them. Audi is the first automotive manufacturer to use the system in Nevada.While this is great tech, there is so much more to most Audi cars and SUVs, and if you go to Audi of Tucson, you are sure to see how great Audi truly is.

The V2I system is displayed on the Audi’s Virtual Cockpit as a red light with a counter. Test have shown this simple feature helps the driver to relax a little in the middle of what can be a stressful commute. While it currently only works in Nevada, Audi is in talks with about a dozen other cities about bringing the V2I technology there. And, as more people drive connected cars, it’s anticipated that other cities soon will follow suit. This could help to reduce traffic light accidents dramatically if drivers use it properly.

Often it’s considered automotive news when a company talks about technology it will unveil in the future. Well, Audi is doing a lot more than just talking about innovation. The company already has it in place and benefitting customers while the competition is talking about what it will do over the next few years. The V2I technology Audi has debuted in conjunction with it’s virtual cockpit, which brings the future of driving to a road near you. Using the V2I technology you could end up getting to work or back home safer, faster and more relaxed. As it continues to evolve, it will yield many other benefits as well.

In some models, Audi has the V2I display and other elements integrated into a windshield display. This gives the driver all the real-time traffic information they need to make intelligent decisions. It allows the driver to assess a wide range of data without ever taking their eyes off the traffic in front of them. That can help prevent the many accidents that happen when a driver look away from traffic to the dashboard for a few seconds. That can help make any commute less stressful. Everyone can see the value in that.

Once again, Audi has proven itself to be a leader in automotive innovation. With the V2I system, it has succeeded in bringing us tomorrow’s technology today.


The Audi Q5 is an excellent automobile, and it just got even better. The German automaker has just revealed several big updates it made to the gorgeous SUV. The changes to the 2018 Audi Q5 were revealed at the recently completed LA Auto Show and have many people rethinking what they are going to ask Santa for this Christmas. The team at Audi has people on their best behavior as they hope to get on Santa’s ‘nice’ list. That’s because the shiny new Q5 is the best looking vehicle many people have ever seen. This is no surprise. It’s just what you’d expect from this innovative automaker.

The 2018 Audi Q5 made quite a splash at the LA Auto Show. First introduced in 2009, the Q5 has become one of the top performing models in the Audi line-up. Now with dramatic updates made to both the interior and exterior of the 2018 Audi Q5, the vehicle is now the fulfillment of the wishes of many Audi enthusiasts. This vehicle has a sleek new look, all the creature comforts, performs like a champ and looks good doing it. This should put a smile on the faces of Audi dealership owners as customers rush in for the chance to see and experience this exciting new SUV that’s perfect for any driving situation. To see for yourself, check one out and take one for a drive at Audi of Tucson.

The changes to the exterior of the new Audi Q5 begin with its redesigned front fascia that now sports Audi’s three-dimensional Singleframe grille. The SUV also comes equipped with a new parking system that features sensors in the front and rear that will make drivers feel safe and confident, no matter how tight the spaces into which they’re trying to maneuver. This should come in handy whether they’re trying to fit into tight parking spaces or make their way through or around bumper to bumper traffic or roadway obstacles.

The interior of the Q5 has now been upgraded to include the best technology the innovative automaker has to offer. Audi’s groundbreaking virtual cockpit is now available on the 2018 Q5. That includes the 12.3-inch display replete with vivid visuals and colors which are supported through a 4G LTE connection. Drivers also have the option to upgrade and get a sound system by Band and Olufsen or a heads-up display that comes in full-color. These help to make riding around in the new Q5 even more exhilarating that it already was.

Audi has also made some substantive changes under the hood of its flagship SUV. The 2018 Audi Q5 will now get its power from a brand new 2.0 TFSI quattro engine. Plus the vehicle also has AWD to make it easier for drivers to navigate quickly and easily through any situation no matter how tough it may be. This helps to make the Q5 more nimble no matter the weather or road conditions.

Audi hasn’t yet said when this new updated version of the Q5 will be available. But smart drivers are already contacting Santa and their local Audi dealers.