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German automaker Audi has an international reputation as a company that makes some of the world’s best luxury automobiles. But Audi isn’t resting on its laurels. At this year’s North American International Auto Show held in Detroit, the company introduced a Q8 concept SUV that puts the company deeper into the ultra-luxury class.

The sleek new concept vehicle is likely to attract many more luxury SUV buyers to the Audi brand. And the improvements shown in the Q8 concept SUV are not just a ‘one-off’ change; they are a sign of things to come from the forward-looking automaker.

The new Audi Q8 concept SUV introduces an innovative new design theme that makes it look and feel dramatically different. It takes automotive luxury to a whole new level. Gone are the days when the SUV was just a glorified minivan. With this new luxury SUV concept, Audi is giving automotive enthusiasts a peek into the future when it comes to how SUVs will look, feel and handle. It’s the direction all future Audi SUV models will take. The luxurious five-passenger Q8 is just the beginning. Look for the automakers to introduce many high-end luxury SUVs throughout its model lines going forward. To see how great the high-end luxury is, check one out at Audi of Tucson.

The president of Audi of America, Scott Keogh, said his expectation is luxury SUV sales will begin to cool off this year. That means new buyers for the super luxurious Audi Q8 will have to be won over from other brands. Keogh understands this and said he realizes the market will no longer yield the 7% or 8% growth year to year that the company had enjoyed in years past. He said Audi will have to draw buyers away from other brands. Keogh said he thinks the Q8 will give Audi quite a few opportunities to conquer its competitors and bring many new buyers over to Audi because of the luxury the Q8 offers.

Last year was yet another record year for Audi sales in the American market. And the automaker is anticipating that the new models in its fleet will help to keep the momentum going even as there is plenty of competitors out there who are trying to out innovate and catch up with the automaker. While this is true, Audi is banking on its ultra-luxury Q8 to fend off the competition as much as possible, and if you test drive any Audi at Audi of Tucson, you are sure to see why the company is doing its part to fend off the competition.

The Q8 feels like a huge A8 sedan with very powerful engines, the latest safety, driver-assistance and infotainment features, luxurious materials, very comfortable seats front and rear and space and accommodations that are like a limousine. It also has a flat, wide, rear pillar with flared shoulders and other design elements that are taken from the 1980s Audi Ur-quattro. The company describes the Q8 as having an SUVs spaciousness combined with the elegance of a coupe. The production version of the Q8 is expected to go on sale in 2019.

Audi Q5

Anyone looking for a massive SUV should look elsewhere, but if you want a capable, yet not too big SUV, you should check out the new and improved Audi Q5. While the SUV space is crowded, when looking at the best, it’s easy to come back to the Audi Q5, every time. Like most carmakers, Audi is going out of its way to make an appealing SUV on the outside and the inside, but it’s the only one that is truly succeeding in doing both, all while offering power and off-roading capability.

With an imposing front grill and distinctive headlights and turn signals, it’s obvious that the Q5 is part of the Audi family, and if you only get a look at it from the distance, you may think that it’s a Q7. But, once inside the cockpit and behind the wheel of an Audi Q5, you will certainly be blown away by the Virtual Cockpit System. Included is a massive 12.3 inch display, which replaced the analogue dials, and with easy customization, you will love the 1,440 X 540 pixel screen. With a few clicks of the steering wheel, you can select songs from your connected phone or add a new destination to the navigation system. While the virtual cockpit system isn’t a standard feature, it’s not expensive, and it certainly helps make the Audi Q5 stand out.

While most people love new tech, others want more power, and Audi doesn’t disappoint, and the company will offer a variety of powertrains. While the current Q5 offers a V8 engine, the new Q5 will not have one. Though, Audi quickly pointed out that the new four-cylinder engine gives drivers 252 horses and 273 lb-ft of torque. This actually beats the current generation six-cylinder engine, and the new four-banged will offer drivers a 0-60 time of 5.9 seconds. Car owners who truly crave performance can get their hands on a future vehicle – the Audi SQ5, which will feature a turbocharged V6.

With a small and capable SUV, people will want off-roading capability, and the Q5 was certainly made for any terrain and weather condition. With a history of great off-roading vehicles, drivers now expect Audi to leave others in the dust. With 8.2 inches of ground clearance, the Q5 can clear just about anything that the world throws at it. While the Audi is great for off-roading, driving it on the freeway, through city traffic or on a curvy highway will not present any problems, unlike bulkier and larger SUVs. Without a doubt, this is a huge benefit as most SUVs either provide solid off-roading capabilities or great on-road capabilities, but nearly every other SUV on the market doesn’t offer both.

If you are looking to get an Audi Q5, you will have to wait till early Spring of this year. But, if you want to see a current Q5 or any other Audi, you can test drive one now at Audi of Tucson. If you do, you are sure to see how Audi makes great SUVs and cars.